January 28, 2017

Year of fire rooster

This is probably my first time celebrating it out of my hometown. The schedule for my rotation this month was a hectic one; Im disappointed that I have no chance to go home even only for a few days. The family gathering is the thing I like the most (besides getting angpaos lol) because all of my cousins will be there and usually we celebrate it in my grandma's house which is located outside Medan. Yesterday they celebrated it in a restaurant in Medan for a new experience. My cousins from hk are coming and I cant join them for vacation :( I and my friends had the sacapmeh (CNY's Eve) dinner here in a restaurant and were so surprised to find out there were lots of Chinese here in Jogja. To be honest during my almost five years staying in this city, I only meet few of them in some occasions. It's so different compare to my hometown where Chinese is everywhere. Hopefully next year I can celebrate CNY with my family and cousins. Welcoming the year of rooster and Happy Chinese New Year!