August 19, 2016

Coass life: Another hello, another goodbye.

Finally reaching the end of my fifth department, Dermatovenereology. It's been one wonderful month in this department; I like how it's not packed with night shift yet you still can learn so much. Dermatologists only need anamnesis and skin lesion description as their diagnostic tools but there's a lot to learn. Not to mention how good looking the dermatologists are. I start to have interest in this department though I still dont know which one I will choose in the end. A few days ago, Indonesia had just celebrated the National Day and it received the best gift ever: Olympic gold medal from Badminton Mixed Doubles! The winner was my favorite XD of all time, Tontowi Ahmad and Liliyana Natsir. This was the second time they competed as doubles for the Olympics; the first was in 2012 but they didnt win any medal. Rio 2016 was Liliyana's third time competing for Olympic. She was a silver medallist with Nova Widianto in the same category and finally this year she can prove to everyone that she's still one of the best badminton player in the history. One of Indonesian tv channels aired the match live and I've been having nausea even few hours before the match started. I thought they would face China's doubles for the final either Zhang/Zhao or Xu/Ma. Turned out they beat Zhang/Zhao in the semifinals with straight set and Xu/Ma was defeated by the unseeded Malaysian doubles. I've had my eyes on badminton since a few years ago; in my opinion the matches are always more interesting compared to other sports. Thankyou Tontowi/Liliyana for bringing the gold medal back. Definitely the best 17th August Indonesian has ever had!


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