July 05, 2016

A year ago in this day...

Hi readers! After a long time finally Im eager to blog again. Life's been so far so good; the last two months were one of the hardest because it was two most hectic departments in the clerkship apart from being in minor departments. The good thing was I managed to maintain my weight despite eating a lot which made me happy. I also can watch drama this month since we get into a less hectic department. Throwback to a year ago in this day was the first day of my clinical clerkship in Budapest. How fast time flies. If it's possible, I want to go back to that time. It was my first experience travelling abroad alone and being so far from my hometown. Getting the best roommates I could ever ask for and best experience that I would never forget in my life. Im looking forward to do another exchange again. Wish me luck!

missing all these girls so much!