July 25, 2016

Drama review: 我和我的十七歲 (Love at Seventeen)

After a long time, finally I can do another drama recap again yeay! This time it's a Taiwanese drama; I found this accidentally and the premise seemed interesting to me. Never saw both main leads' drama before, I decided to give it a try. Lego Lee as He Hao Yi is a guy from divorced parents and he came to Taipei to find his mother after his father died to revenge because he thought his mother didnt care about him and his father anymore. He has a twin sister living with his mother. Nikki Hsieh as Ai Li Si is a humble yet bubbly girl who always do everything to make people around her happy. She has two bestfriends, Bai Su Lei the school's most popular girl, and Liu Xiao Fen who is He Hao Yi's twin sister. He Hao Yi met Ai Li Si through misunderstanding; he thought she was his twin sister so he always tricked her. After everything was clear, he lived with his mother and twin sister and four of them (He Hao Yi, Ai Li Si, Bai Su Lei, and Liu Xiao Fen) became bestfriends. He liked Ai Li Si and vice versa but they didnt have the courage to confess to each other. Something happened; it made their friendship into such a big mess where actually it's another misunderstanding. Ai Li Si hoped her bestfriends could understand her actions but all of them rejected her. She transferred to another school and time jumped to 13 years forward where she is now the cold and strict Ai Li Si. She doesnt even care about others; everything she does is based on her schedule and preference. He Hao Yi meets her again by chance and doesnt want to lose her anymore but she didnt believe in him at all. Then she has amnesia because of her illness and it gives second chance to He Hao Yi to repair his relationship with her. What I like about this drama is that everybody deserves a second chance because maybe the things happened in the past was caused by misunderstanding. It showed us how a misunderstanding can harm someone's relationship; in this case it makes Ai Li Si doesnt believe in human's relationship anymore and doesnt want to have any interaction with others. Thirteen years wasted. Her bestfriends are even worse; how can they dont believe in her when she always thinks of her bestfriends' happiness in the first place? The storyline is cliche, but they execute it beautifully and makes me learn a lot from the drama. Not to mention how much I like Nikki's fashion in this drama. It's only 15 episodes and you should give it a try since this one is refreshing. Ciao!
Note: Im sorry I cant find any eng sub for the trailer but you can watch this drama HERE 

Rate: 8/10

If you had a second chance to correct the biggest mistake of your life, would you take it? Alice (Nikki Hsieh) is a cold, 30-year-old woman who lives her dull life like a robot programmed to do the same things everyday. But her boring life changes when she wakes up one day to discover that she has returned to her 17-year-old self! Back in high school on the day of an important swim meet for her best friend, Shu Lei (Amanda Chou), Alice literally runs into the moody He Hao Yi (Lego Li), who has just transferred to her school. Hao Yi mistakes Alice for his long-separated twin sister, and because of a grudge against her and his mom, Hao Yi decides to torment Alice at every turn. Meanwhile, Han Ming (Edison Wang) is a nerdy student who has long harbored a secret crush on Shu Lei. After a few mishaps, Hao Yi realizes that Alice is not his sister, but will Alice take this opportunity for her to correct her biggest mistake with her first love and change her own future destiny? “Love at Seventeen” is a 2016 Taiwanese drama series directed by Jou Shiau Peng.

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July 22, 2016

Coass life: Psychiatry? Checked!

Today marks the end of my fourth department in my clinical clerkship life. Psychiatry has always been one of the subjects Im interested in and in these four weeks I've learnt a lot about healthy mental life. WHO defined health as "a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." Sometimes people dont really care about mental problems because it's been stereotyped in the society that when you have mental problems, it means you're "crazy" whereas these problems consist of major and minor mental disorder. When a person has a mental disorder, either major or minor, family and social support are really important. After all these times learning about it, finally I can get a better understanding of what I need to do and what I should do when I face a problem that's out of my prediction. I should have a positive coping mechanism. It's normal if someone's panicked because of a problem but it's not normal if someone's panicked because of nothing. Just a random night thought though.

July 05, 2016

A year ago in this day...

Hi readers! After a long time finally Im eager to blog again. Life's been so far so good; the last two months were one of the hardest because it was two most hectic departments in the clerkship apart from being in minor departments. The good thing was I managed to maintain my weight despite eating a lot which made me happy. I also can watch drama this month since we get into a less hectic department. Throwback to a year ago in this day was the first day of my clinical clerkship in Budapest. How fast time flies. If it's possible, I want to go back to that time. It was my first experience travelling abroad alone and being so far from my hometown. Getting the best roommates I could ever ask for and best experience that I would never forget in my life. Im looking forward to do another exchange again. Wish me luck!

missing all these girls so much!