April 01, 2016

Coass life: April is here!

Finally it's April, my favorite month of the year! Perhaps because I have my birthday on April that's why I like it a lot. Week 2 has almost finished and we'll go to another hospital next week. In the department Im in now, there are students from other universities and that makes me happy because we can broaden our links, not just meeting friends from the same faculty. People say medical student has always been isolated from other faculties; sometimes it's been stereotyped as "exclusive" when in reality it's not. In my opinion, being a medical student doesnt mean you cant enjoy your life as long as you can balance between study and rest. Idk why Im being so random today~ Anyway after this term ends, Im going to enter another department which they say to be one of the hardest one. Im going to work hard play hard~^^