April 19, 2016

A year older, a year wiser.

Happy birthday to myself! Birthday has always been one of the moments I wait every year despite the fact that I get older everytime I celebrate it. For this year, my hope is almost similar to the one I had last year: to be skinnier than before (as always), more diligent, always be healthy and happy, make my parents proud of me, and have a boyfriend lol jk Of course I have to be a better person each year. Currently Im in my second station of clinical rotation, Anesthesiology. It's harder compared to Forensic and they said we would face the real hardship when the preoperation routine started. Everyday we should come at 6.30am to attend morning review with the residents and doctors then continue with other activities till 6pm and when we had the pre-op, we will go home at around 9-10pm. It's a challenge for me, to see it I can survive this station especially when I had night shift as I cant really stay awake for the whole night.

Happy face when there's still no night shift~^^

April 04, 2016

Coass life: homework(s)

Perhaps this is one of the most tiring day in my two weeks of coass life. We were out of town today and we got new case as soon as we arrived here. We should get other cases too for tutorial and discussion. In my dorm, there's no wifi but thanks God I've registered my mobile network a few days ago. This feeling was similar to the one I had when I arrived in Budapest for the first time and entered the dorm. For me who has never live in the dorm before, it was a new experience with mixed feeling between happy and anxious at the same time. We still have a week here; I shall do my best to enjoy it.

writing lots of papers tonight!

April 01, 2016

Coass life: April is here!

Finally it's April, my favorite month of the year! Perhaps because I have my birthday on April that's why I like it a lot. Week 2 has almost finished and we'll go to another hospital next week. In the department Im in now, there are students from other universities and that makes me happy because we can broaden our links, not just meeting friends from the same faculty. People say medical student has always been isolated from other faculties; sometimes it's been stereotyped as "exclusive" when in reality it's not. In my opinion, being a medical student doesnt mean you cant enjoy your life as long as you can balance between study and rest. Idk why Im being so random today~ Anyway after this term ends, Im going to enter another department which they say to be one of the hardest one. Im going to work hard play hard~^^