March 05, 2016

Material success cannot be a dream.

Yesterday I watched Infinite Challenge episode 469 which title was "Erasing Bad Memories" and found it very inspirative. It started with each member (Yoo Jaesuk, Haha, Park Myungsoo, Jung Junha, and Kwanghee) had each counselor and they could share with them what their worries were. This time the mission is they have to give advice to other people. Before doing the mission, all of them gathered in one room and asked for advice from the professionals. They discussed a lot; they talked about how suicide rate has been increasing in Korea and also Korean strict work ethics. It's not normal to be different; you should study really hard so that you can get a job with stable salary or else the society will doom you.  I remembered when I travelled to Korea four years ago, I asked the tour guide about Korean education system whether it's similar to the one portrayed in movies or dramas and he said yes. School starts at 7 or 8am then they study till 10pm and continue with courses till 12am. When they are about to graduate high school and prepare for university entrance exam, they study even crazier. The better university you enroll in, the higher possibility for you to get a job in high profile companies such as Samsung, LG, etc. When you fail the exam, people will judge you as a fail person and this leads to depression. This is also why Korea has one of the highest suicide rates. Believe it or not, but it's true. Another topic that I liked was when Yoon Taeho, the creator of 'Misaeng", talked about how people often mistaken occupation for dream. I thought about it and it's true. When you were young and someone asked you what your dream was, usually we would answer with "I want to be a doctor, teacher, astronaut, musician, blablabla." Now that I think about it, since I was young my dream is to travel around the world. I like to interact with other people from different countries, experience different cultures, taste different food, and have new experiences. Ofc I'll try to make my dreams come true. After the counseling session, the team set tents in various places in Seoul. The counseling session was such a touching one; we could see each person is actually vulnerable and deep inside they had memories they wanted to erase because they regret about it. Watching this episode makes me think a lot whether I have any memories I want to erase.

"I hope people stop mistaking occupation for dreams." - Yoon Taeho

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