March 07, 2016

Drama review: 必娶女人 (Marry Me Or Not)

This drama ended around two weeks ago yet I didnt have the time to recap it. I really like this drama in the beginning, but the ending was lacking for me. Drama ending has always been a problem in most Taiwanese dramas. MMoN is one of the best Taiwanese drama in recent years starring Alice Ko as Cai Huan Zhen and Roy Qiu as Hao Meng. This is their second time pairing; the first one was in the big hit Office Girl in 2011. Cai Huan Zhen is a successful and competitive carreer woman with her competitor being her ex bestfriend, Hao Sheng Nan who is also Hao Meng's younger sister. They compete for everything: job opportunity, clothes, bags, shoes, and even boyfriend. Both of them meet again at high school reunion and Shengnan brings her brother claiming he's her boyfriend. Huanzhen will be married soon and her boyfriend turns out to be Hao siblings' cousin. Shengnan who knows about this asks her brother, a divorce specialist lawyer, to persuade their cousin and makes him cancel their wedding. The cousin falls for their trap and cancel the wedding; Huanzhen knows Shengnan did it. She vows to steal Shengnan's boyfriend, in this case it's Hao Meng. The story goes on as they start to date without any feeling towards each other. The problems starts when she finally knows he's not her boyfriend but realise it's too late; she's fallen for him and vice versa. Everything was great till the middle but I didnt know why the hype to watch this drama decreased as it approached the end. I thought this drama wouldnt be as draggy as other dramas have been all these days. There were parts where I thought it wasnt necessary at all. I should say the chemistry between Alice and Roy were awesome although I didnt watch their previous drama. The character Alice portrayed here was a strong and optimistic woman which I really like since most dramas tend to have a Candy type main lead (kind, soft, bullied by others woman). Roy was so handsome with his black hair in the drama but he dyed his hair to brown now. Perhaps because of my high expectation in the beginning, Im a bit disappointed. But still, I would recommend this drama since the story is great and unique.

Rate: 7.5/10

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