January 18, 2016


Hello it's me~ lol The first two weeks of January have been a hectic one for me. We have practical exams (OSCE) to decide when we will do the clinical rotation. I finished mine on last Wednesday and felt like I didnt do well. Whatever it is, for now I will just enjoy my holiday. Im still here till next week since we will have an inauguration night for my batch this Sunday. So happy that everything has over; having an exam when everyone has gone back home for their holiday was never a good idea. I spent my New Year's Eve with my friends and we had a little celebration or else I would just stuck in my room watching another drama. I've experienced this kind of thing twice; the first one was on my second year when we had the final exam a few days after New Year. Anyway Chinese New Year is coming really soon in less than a month. How can Im not excited?!?! Chinese New Year has always been my favorite one because we can gather with family and relatives. I miss my family so much; four years staying here doesnt mean my homesick will get any better. Luckily I can meet my brother first before he leaves but too bad he wont celebrate Chinese New Year with us this time T^T

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