August 19, 2016

Coass life: Another hello, another goodbye.

Finally reaching the end of my fifth department, Dermatovenereology. It's been one wonderful month in this department; I like how it's not packed with night shift yet you still can learn so much. Dermatologists only need anamnesis and skin lesion description as their diagnostic tools but there's a lot to learn. Not to mention how good looking the dermatologists are. I start to have interest in this department though I still dont know which one I will choose in the end. A few days ago, Indonesia had just celebrated the National Day and it received the best gift ever: Olympic gold medal from Badminton Mixed Doubles! The winner was my favorite XD of all time, Tontowi Ahmad and Liliyana Natsir. This was the second time they competed as doubles for the Olympics; the first was in 2012 but they didnt win any medal. Rio 2016 was Liliyana's third time competing for Olympic. She was a silver medallist with Nova Widianto in the same category and finally this year she can prove to everyone that she's still one of the best badminton player in the history. One of Indonesian tv channels aired the match live and I've been having nausea even few hours before the match started. I thought they would face China's doubles for the final either Zhang/Zhao or Xu/Ma. Turned out they beat Zhang/Zhao in the semifinals with straight set and Xu/Ma was defeated by the unseeded Malaysian doubles. I've had my eyes on badminton since a few years ago; in my opinion the matches are always more interesting compared to other sports. Thankyou Tontowi/Liliyana for bringing the gold medal back. Definitely the best 17th August Indonesian has ever had!

July 25, 2016

Drama review: 我和我的十七歲 (Love at Seventeen)

After a long time, finally I can do another drama recap again yeay! This time it's a Taiwanese drama; I found this accidentally and the premise seemed interesting to me. Never saw both main leads' drama before, I decided to give it a try. Lego Lee as He Hao Yi is a guy from divorced parents and he came to Taipei to find his mother after his father died to revenge because he thought his mother didnt care about him and his father anymore. He has a twin sister living with his mother. Nikki Hsieh as Ai Li Si is a humble yet bubbly girl who always do everything to make people around her happy. She has two bestfriends, Bai Su Lei the school's most popular girl, and Liu Xiao Fen who is He Hao Yi's twin sister. He Hao Yi met Ai Li Si through misunderstanding; he thought she was his twin sister so he always tricked her. After everything was clear, he lived with his mother and twin sister and four of them (He Hao Yi, Ai Li Si, Bai Su Lei, and Liu Xiao Fen) became bestfriends. He liked Ai Li Si and vice versa but they didnt have the courage to confess to each other. Something happened; it made their friendship into such a big mess where actually it's another misunderstanding. Ai Li Si hoped her bestfriends could understand her actions but all of them rejected her. She transferred to another school and time jumped to 13 years forward where she is now the cold and strict Ai Li Si. She doesnt even care about others; everything she does is based on her schedule and preference. He Hao Yi meets her again by chance and doesnt want to lose her anymore but she didnt believe in him at all. Then she has amnesia because of her illness and it gives second chance to He Hao Yi to repair his relationship with her. What I like about this drama is that everybody deserves a second chance because maybe the things happened in the past was caused by misunderstanding. It showed us how a misunderstanding can harm someone's relationship; in this case it makes Ai Li Si doesnt believe in human's relationship anymore and doesnt want to have any interaction with others. Thirteen years wasted. Her bestfriends are even worse; how can they dont believe in her when she always thinks of her bestfriends' happiness in the first place? The storyline is cliche, but they execute it beautifully and makes me learn a lot from the drama. Not to mention how much I like Nikki's fashion in this drama. It's only 15 episodes and you should give it a try since this one is refreshing. Ciao!
Note: Im sorry I cant find any eng sub for the trailer but you can watch this drama HERE 

Rate: 8/10

If you had a second chance to correct the biggest mistake of your life, would you take it? Alice (Nikki Hsieh) is a cold, 30-year-old woman who lives her dull life like a robot programmed to do the same things everyday. But her boring life changes when she wakes up one day to discover that she has returned to her 17-year-old self! Back in high school on the day of an important swim meet for her best friend, Shu Lei (Amanda Chou), Alice literally runs into the moody He Hao Yi (Lego Li), who has just transferred to her school. Hao Yi mistakes Alice for his long-separated twin sister, and because of a grudge against her and his mom, Hao Yi decides to torment Alice at every turn. Meanwhile, Han Ming (Edison Wang) is a nerdy student who has long harbored a secret crush on Shu Lei. After a few mishaps, Hao Yi realizes that Alice is not his sister, but will Alice take this opportunity for her to correct her biggest mistake with her first love and change her own future destiny? “Love at Seventeen” is a 2016 Taiwanese drama series directed by Jou Shiau Peng.

Long preview:

July 22, 2016

Coass life: Psychiatry? Checked!

Today marks the end of my fourth department in my clinical clerkship life. Psychiatry has always been one of the subjects Im interested in and in these four weeks I've learnt a lot about healthy mental life. WHO defined health as "a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." Sometimes people dont really care about mental problems because it's been stereotyped in the society that when you have mental problems, it means you're "crazy" whereas these problems consist of major and minor mental disorder. When a person has a mental disorder, either major or minor, family and social support are really important. After all these times learning about it, finally I can get a better understanding of what I need to do and what I should do when I face a problem that's out of my prediction. I should have a positive coping mechanism. It's normal if someone's panicked because of a problem but it's not normal if someone's panicked because of nothing. Just a random night thought though.

July 05, 2016

A year ago in this day...

Hi readers! After a long time finally Im eager to blog again. Life's been so far so good; the last two months were one of the hardest because it was two most hectic departments in the clerkship apart from being in minor departments. The good thing was I managed to maintain my weight despite eating a lot which made me happy. I also can watch drama this month since we get into a less hectic department. Throwback to a year ago in this day was the first day of my clinical clerkship in Budapest. How fast time flies. If it's possible, I want to go back to that time. It was my first experience travelling abroad alone and being so far from my hometown. Getting the best roommates I could ever ask for and best experience that I would never forget in my life. Im looking forward to do another exchange again. Wish me luck!

missing all these girls so much!

April 19, 2016

A year older, a year wiser.

Happy birthday to myself! Birthday has always been one of the moments I wait every year despite the fact that I get older everytime I celebrate it. For this year, my hope is almost similar to the one I had last year: to be skinnier than before (as always), more diligent, always be healthy and happy, make my parents proud of me, and have a boyfriend lol jk Of course I have to be a better person each year. Currently Im in my second station of clinical rotation, Anesthesiology. It's harder compared to Forensic and they said we would face the real hardship when the preoperation routine started. Everyday we should come at 6.30am to attend morning review with the residents and doctors then continue with other activities till 6pm and when we had the pre-op, we will go home at around 9-10pm. It's a challenge for me, to see it I can survive this station especially when I had night shift as I cant really stay awake for the whole night.

Happy face when there's still no night shift~^^

April 04, 2016

Coass life: homework(s)

Perhaps this is one of the most tiring day in my two weeks of coass life. We were out of town today and we got new case as soon as we arrived here. We should get other cases too for tutorial and discussion. In my dorm, there's no wifi but thanks God I've registered my mobile network a few days ago. This feeling was similar to the one I had when I arrived in Budapest for the first time and entered the dorm. For me who has never live in the dorm before, it was a new experience with mixed feeling between happy and anxious at the same time. We still have a week here; I shall do my best to enjoy it.

writing lots of papers tonight!

April 01, 2016

Coass life: April is here!

Finally it's April, my favorite month of the year! Perhaps because I have my birthday on April that's why I like it a lot. Week 2 has almost finished and we'll go to another hospital next week. In the department Im in now, there are students from other universities and that makes me happy because we can broaden our links, not just meeting friends from the same faculty. People say medical student has always been isolated from other faculties; sometimes it's been stereotyped as "exclusive" when in reality it's not. In my opinion, being a medical student doesnt mean you cant enjoy your life as long as you can balance between study and rest. Idk why Im being so random today~ Anyway after this term ends, Im going to enter another department which they say to be one of the hardest one. Im going to work hard play hard~^^

March 27, 2016

Coass life

I just realised it's been 10 days since my last post. Coass life has sucked all of my energy to write lol The first week of my first department is almost over and I have 3 weeks left here. It's such a new experience for me; we try to apply the theory we had studied to the patients and you need to adjust yourself when you face something you didnt know before. Im in Forensic Department now, and we are told to be ready whenever wherever we are because everytime there is a case, we have to arrive in the hospital as soon as possible. Half of the group will go to Klaten tomorrow and another group will go next week. Welcoming week 2 tomorrow!

March 16, 2016

Week 0.

The first batch of clinical rotation group had had the orientation for three days and it finished today.  It talked about the hospital's history and its contain, patient safety, infection control, quality improvement, and so on. It was a good experience for me as Im going to face a different situation from what I usually have. My first term will start next week and it makes me excited and curious at the same time. How are the people Im going to meet in the hospital? Will I be able to adapt well? Is it very tiring like what seniors usually say? These questions were in my mind since a few months ago but I'll know the answers soon. In these two years, I hope I'll get a lot of experience and knowledge that support me to be a good doctor. Fighting to myself~^^

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March 07, 2016

Drama review: 必娶女人 (Marry Me Or Not)

This drama ended around two weeks ago yet I didnt have the time to recap it. I really like this drama in the beginning, but the ending was lacking for me. Drama ending has always been a problem in most Taiwanese dramas. MMoN is one of the best Taiwanese drama in recent years starring Alice Ko as Cai Huan Zhen and Roy Qiu as Hao Meng. This is their second time pairing; the first one was in the big hit Office Girl in 2011. Cai Huan Zhen is a successful and competitive carreer woman with her competitor being her ex bestfriend, Hao Sheng Nan who is also Hao Meng's younger sister. They compete for everything: job opportunity, clothes, bags, shoes, and even boyfriend. Both of them meet again at high school reunion and Shengnan brings her brother claiming he's her boyfriend. Huanzhen will be married soon and her boyfriend turns out to be Hao siblings' cousin. Shengnan who knows about this asks her brother, a divorce specialist lawyer, to persuade their cousin and makes him cancel their wedding. The cousin falls for their trap and cancel the wedding; Huanzhen knows Shengnan did it. She vows to steal Shengnan's boyfriend, in this case it's Hao Meng. The story goes on as they start to date without any feeling towards each other. The problems starts when she finally knows he's not her boyfriend but realise it's too late; she's fallen for him and vice versa. Everything was great till the middle but I didnt know why the hype to watch this drama decreased as it approached the end. I thought this drama wouldnt be as draggy as other dramas have been all these days. There were parts where I thought it wasnt necessary at all. I should say the chemistry between Alice and Roy were awesome although I didnt watch their previous drama. The character Alice portrayed here was a strong and optimistic woman which I really like since most dramas tend to have a Candy type main lead (kind, soft, bullied by others woman). Roy was so handsome with his black hair in the drama but he dyed his hair to brown now. Perhaps because of my high expectation in the beginning, Im a bit disappointed. But still, I would recommend this drama since the story is great and unique.

Rate: 7.5/10

 Official trailer:

March 05, 2016

Material success cannot be a dream.

Yesterday I watched Infinite Challenge episode 469 which title was "Erasing Bad Memories" and found it very inspirative. It started with each member (Yoo Jaesuk, Haha, Park Myungsoo, Jung Junha, and Kwanghee) had each counselor and they could share with them what their worries were. This time the mission is they have to give advice to other people. Before doing the mission, all of them gathered in one room and asked for advice from the professionals. They discussed a lot; they talked about how suicide rate has been increasing in Korea and also Korean strict work ethics. It's not normal to be different; you should study really hard so that you can get a job with stable salary or else the society will doom you.  I remembered when I travelled to Korea four years ago, I asked the tour guide about Korean education system whether it's similar to the one portrayed in movies or dramas and he said yes. School starts at 7 or 8am then they study till 10pm and continue with courses till 12am. When they are about to graduate high school and prepare for university entrance exam, they study even crazier. The better university you enroll in, the higher possibility for you to get a job in high profile companies such as Samsung, LG, etc. When you fail the exam, people will judge you as a fail person and this leads to depression. This is also why Korea has one of the highest suicide rates. Believe it or not, but it's true. Another topic that I liked was when Yoon Taeho, the creator of 'Misaeng", talked about how people often mistaken occupation for dream. I thought about it and it's true. When you were young and someone asked you what your dream was, usually we would answer with "I want to be a doctor, teacher, astronaut, musician, blablabla." Now that I think about it, since I was young my dream is to travel around the world. I like to interact with other people from different countries, experience different cultures, taste different food, and have new experiences. Ofc I'll try to make my dreams come true. After the counseling session, the team set tents in various places in Seoul. The counseling session was such a touching one; we could see each person is actually vulnerable and deep inside they had memories they wanted to erase because they regret about it. Watching this episode makes me think a lot whether I have any memories I want to erase.

"I hope people stop mistaking occupation for dreams." - Yoon Taeho

February 29, 2016

Once in 4 years.

It's 29 February! Im back to this city again, preparing for my clinical rotation. It's still feel surreal that Im going to do it really soon. I want more holiday! One month has never been enough for me lol I like being at home; I can talk to my family anytime I want and eat everything I like. Not to mention my wifi is much better than here's as in here I need to share the wifi's speed with other people. Nowadays I rarely watch dramas even though I always update with drama news. I had finished watching Marry Me Or Not last week and Im going to do a recap about it soon. For now I only watch reality show Youth Over Flowers in Africa because they cast Reply 1988 Ssangmundong gang (ofc this is in my must-watch list!) and kdrama Descendant of the Sun starring Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo. Song Joong Ki is one of my favorite actors; he has both looks and skills which makes me fangirling over him everytime I watch his dramas. I've watched the first two episodes and I like the plot and the characters so far. Maybe because it was completely preproduced before it was aired, the scenes aired were more detail in preparation. Im looking forward to each episode; hopefully they can keep the good pace and have a great ending of the drama.

February 22, 2016

I can do it.

Today is the fifteenth day of Chinese New Year which also marks the end of the celebration. Since the first till the fifteenth you still can visit your relatives and friends and get the red pockets. There are people who set up fireworks close to the place where I live to celebrate the last day. I've stayed here for almost a month yet I feel time passes so slowly this time. Maybe because I was too curious while waiting for my exam result to be announced. I couldnt thank God enough for giving me the result I wanted. Clinical rotation is right around the corner; I think Im not ready yet but I should do it even though Im not ready lol Fighting to myself!

February 10, 2016

Happy Chinese New Year 2567!

It was a bit gloomy this year as on CNY Eve it's raining heavily till the first day of CNY. I went to my grandma's house and because of the heavy rain, there's a big flood which caused traffic jam everywhere around the city. Usually it takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour from my house to my grandma's but this time it took more than three hours for us to arrive at home. The second day was a bit better with the sun shining brightly, but today it rains again for hours. Please stop raining for the better CNY ㅠㅠ Im also curious about my OSCE result as it was said to be announced last week but then they postponed it till this week. The result determines when I will start my clinical rotation. Im excited but at the same time Im also scared of it~

Happy Chinese New Year from us!

February 05, 2016

It's February YAY

Chinese New Year is coming in three days and Im excited (but not that much)! Back then in CNY Eve we always eat together with my cousins but since most of them are medical students and they are having clinical rotation now, it's a bit difficult to gather everyone. This year is also my first time not to celebrate CNY with my younger brother; he's back to Jakarta for study. Anyway, Im happy that Im back to my hometown after being stuck in Jogja more than one month when I was supposed to enjoy my holiday because I need to settle down the things for my graduation and we also had OSCE in the mid of January.

January 24, 2016

Drama review: Reply 1988


I.LOVE.THIS.DRAMA.SO.MUCH. I should say this is the best drama of the year (2015-2016), more than Oh My Ghostess and Healer. I have zero expectation when I started watching this series. This is the third one, preceeded by Reply 1997 and Reply 1994. R1997 was an awesome piece. Eunji and Seo In Guk were so good in portraying the characters; the drama did bring them to another level of stardom. I skipped R1994; the casts were not my favorite and people said it's the weakest one compared to R1997 and R1988. R1998 focus more in family story, mix with romance and comedy. The story is about five families living in Ssangmundong. The first is Sung family with the children Sung Bora, Sung Deoksun, and Sung Noeul. The second is Kim family and the children are Kim Jungbong and Kim Junghwan. The third is Sunwoo and Jinjoo's family. The fourth is Choi family with the only child Choi Taek. The last is Ryu family with the child Ryu Dongryong. Deoksun (Girls Day Hyeri), Junghwan (Ryu Junyeol), Sunwoo (Go Kyungpyo), Taek (Park Bogum), and Dongryong (Lee Donghwi) are childhood friends and they are really, really close. The only girl in the gang, Deoksun, is the second daughter; she is a bubbly personality and always makes people around her happy. Junghwan is also called as Jungpal; he stays cool most of the time but actually he's very warm inside. He and Sunwoo are the smartest students in the class. Sunwoo is an FM (Field Manual), the one who always stick to the principle and studies all the time. His father died two years ago so he's the only guy of the family. Very obedient to his mother, he is a loving family guy and never complains anything to her. Taek is a 18yo genius baduk player; he quits school and his world is only about baduk. Has a puppy like personality, Taek is very happy whenever his gang gathers in his house after he comes back from the international competition. The last, Dongryong, is the moodmaker of the group; he never study even though his father is the school's principal and dances all the time. This time the story involves not only the main leads and the friends but also everyone in Ssangmundong. There are the father group and mother group and each has his/her own story. I cried a lot this time like almost every episode; Im a sucker for a touching story. Watching R1988 makes me realise how people have changed over time; in the past everyone is close to each other including their neighbours and they can survive without any internet or electronic. People talk and communicate when they meet, not like now where people meet and then focus on their cellphones rather than talking to each other. I also envy Deoksun for having such a great childhood friends like the gang; they are probably the squad goals of life. 

For the romance, it will be about Deoksun-Taek-Jungpal. Jungpal is so frustating. He likes her but why doesnt he have the courage to confess and always miss the timing? If you are not confessing even though you like the girl and she likes you back, she may end up with another guy. Poor him :( There are two group of shippers, #TeamTaek and #TeamJunghwan. Im in #TeamTaek! Taek is an innocent and lovely guy; he may be clueless about life but when he has a goal, he will go for it. That's why I love Taek. I dont know what spell Park Bogum has put on me, but now Im totally fangirling over him. Everytime he smiles, Im done (he smiles A LOT in the drama). At first people also hesitated when Hyeri was announced as the main lead; I read in some news that she wasnt a really good actress. But in Reply series you cant predict anything. Now everyone is praising Hyeri for doing such a great job portraying Sung Deoksun. Park Bogum and Ryu Junyeol are definitely the biggest stars of the series; they are extremely famous right now. If I have to choose which Reply series is the best, it will be R1997 and R1988. Dont tell me to choose between two of them because I cant. It's true they say original is the best but R1988 has all the best things a drama could ever had. Not forget to mention how awesome the ending is. The drama also had the highest rating ever for cable drama viewership, achieving 18.8% for the finale. They also have the husband hunting mystery as usual! Who do you think the husband will be? Im happy that I make the right choice to watch R1988 after it ended and I finished it in 3 days *proud* The only thing I regret is that I watch the ending first when I havent decided if Im going to watch the drama. That doesnt decrease my love for this drama anyway; I already rewatched my favorite scenes like for the nth times. I just love this drama to the bits.
Note: If you are bored that I always say recommended to most of the dramas I reviewed, it's because when I watch a drama and lose interest in the middle of it I will stop watching right away. Dont even bother to make a review about it.

Rate: 9.5/10


I will miss all of you a lot ㅠㅠ
 Official trailer:

Below is my most favorite OST in R1988. I cried twice listening to this because I remembered the scenes. Yes it's shameful I know. Whatever lol

January 19, 2016

Movie review: 杜拉拉追婚记 (Go Lala Go 2)


This is the second installment of Go Lala Go and I didnt even watch the first one, simply because I wasnt interested with the story and the casts. When the news came out that Ariel Lin, Vic Zhou, and Chen Bolin would collaborate in this movie, my inner fangirl soul screamed happily! I had put this movie in my list after Our Times since the main leads were all my favorite actors. I like Ariel Lin a lot from They Kiss Again days and shipped her even harder with Chen Bolin after watching them in In Time With You. Vic was and is still my most favorite one of F4. A few years ago he ever worked with Ariel where she starred in his MV Make A Wish. So basically this is a reunion for everyone either for Ariel and Vic or Ariel and Chen Bolin. Having three of them in one frame means total eyecandy throughout the movie. Ariel is Du Lala, a 33yo career woman with a stable job and is highly competitive. She's the opposite of her photographer boyfriend, Vic as David Wei, who views the world differently. He thinks that one should enjoy his/her life with the money they earned. Lala doesnt think that way; she works hard to earn money so she could have a better life. She started to doubt her boyfriend's seriousness when he still doesnt propose to her even after 5 years being together. There comes Chen Bolin as Stanley Chen, a manager (Im not sure about his job) from another company that everyone's has been dying for to work with. The same goes to Lala's company; they tell her to pose as a vice manager to attract him so that he want to collaborate with them. Another character is Nana from After School as Sha Dangdang, Lala's assistant manager as well as a freelance model. She ever worked with David and is interested with him. Lala feels insecure with everything; her biological clock starts ticking but her boyfriend hasnt proposed to her, a younger girl wants to woo her boyfriend, and a financially stable guy wants to woo her. I really like the story because it portrays exactly the bitter reality in our life. For 30s unmarried woman like Lala, people keeps asking when she will get married. David feels inferior to her because she has a promising career and earns more money than him; he is a newbie photographer who has just had his own studio and wants to get married when he is ready. As for Stanley, I think he is just the right man in the wrong time. He appeared in her life when she is doubting her boyfriend and with his great qualification, no wonder she wavers easily. Im quite annoyed at Lala because she keeps on giving pressure to David, yelling here and there saying he isnt serious with her. How can she waver that easy when they have been together for 5 years? Anyway their acting are so good that I can stay to finish the movie. Nana leaves only slight impression to me; her acting is still too weak compared to theirs'. The plot itself is interesting for me since this kind of story may happen in real life. Im also satisfied because finally I can see my most favorite actors all in a movie and I hope they can work together again in the future. 

Rate: 8/10

Official trailer:

January 18, 2016


Hello it's me~ lol The first two weeks of January have been a hectic one for me. We have practical exams (OSCE) to decide when we will do the clinical rotation. I finished mine on last Wednesday and felt like I didnt do well. Whatever it is, for now I will just enjoy my holiday. Im still here till next week since we will have an inauguration night for my batch this Sunday. So happy that everything has over; having an exam when everyone has gone back home for their holiday was never a good idea. I spent my New Year's Eve with my friends and we had a little celebration or else I would just stuck in my room watching another drama. I've experienced this kind of thing twice; the first one was on my second year when we had the final exam a few days after New Year. Anyway Chinese New Year is coming really soon in less than a month. How can Im not excited?!?! Chinese New Year has always been my favorite one because we can gather with family and relatives. I miss my family so much; four years staying here doesnt mean my homesick will get any better. Luckily I can meet my brother first before he leaves but too bad he wont celebrate Chinese New Year with us this time T^T