December 22, 2015

The last block exam.

Happy Mother's Day to every mom in the world! Im not the type who stay close to my mom all the time but I try to say I love my mom (and my dad of course) whenever I can. People say you live everyday and die once so express your true feeling to your most loved one. Today marks the end of my academic year. I had my very last block exam this morning and the only thing left is my practical exam before I enter the clinical rotation. It's been a bittersweet journey for me in these 3.5 years studying about medicine; I have a love-hate relationship with it. Flashback to the first time I arrived in this city, feeling amazed and confused at the same time because the culture was so different with the one I had in my hometown. I cried a lot in my first semester; homesick was getting worse and worse. Slowly I started to adapt to this society, even though till now Im still not 100% comfortable living here. I dont know why; there's just something missing compare to my hometown. Im still trying to adapt till now so that I can get my truly comfort zone. It's 3 weeks more to the practical exam and Im supposed to study but the feeling is not here yet. You know the energy you have when the exam is right around the corner is always the best; you can study and exercise effectively and sufficiently lol I hope I can get a good result for my exam and proceed to the clinical rotation smoothly. Let's pray for the best. Aza aza fighting!!

Herbal Medicine (my last module) and motivation quotes.
I stick them in front of me so I can see them everytime and they motivates me more~

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