December 24, 2015

Movie review: 我的少女時代 (Our Times)

THIS MOVIE IS SOOOOO GOOD. I just finished watching it an hour ago and decided to make the review directly. The movie, literally translated as "My Teenage Years", is the biggest hit movie this summer. I had put this in my must-watch list when I saw the preview for the first time. Both main leads, Vivian Sung and Darren Wang, are newcomers and made their breaktrough roles through this movie. Our Times starts with adult version of Lin Zhengxin (Vivian Sung) telling the story of her life now and then reminiscing about her teenage years. She was an ordinary highschool girl having a crush on the school's most popular guy, Ou-yang Fei Fan. One day she got a letter containing a chain message saying that she would get bad luck if she didnt pass the message to 5 people. When she was confused about who she should pass the message to, she saw her crush was being cornered by school's gang leader, Xu Taiyu and decided to secretly put the letter in his bag. That day Taiyu was hit by a car and searched for the person who put the letter. Zhengxin was found to be the culprit and that was the beginning of her nightmare. Taiyu made her as his "friend" which meant his slave lol Accidentally she found out Ouyang and the school's prettiest girl, Tao Minmin, were dating secretly. She and Taiyu, who liked Minmin, decided to work together to separate both of them. As the time goes by, they started to like each other whithout realising it. Taiyu has stopped fighting and started to study again because of Zhengxin. Then one accident happened and Taiyu disappeared but this is not the end of the story. I had high expectation before I watched the movie and it's even beyond my expectation. The storyline, characters, main leads, and OSTs are just perfect. I smile, I laugh, I cry when I watched the movie. I really like the main leads' characters. Lin Zhengxin was ugly and no self confidence at first; after she befriends with Taiyu, she gains her confidence and also helps him to forget his pain and be a better person. Taiyu himself is a school's gang leader but then the story tells he wasn't like that before; a scar deep inside his heart has changed his personality. Not to mention his retro hairstyle that I like so much since not everyone suits that kind of hairstyle. Vivian and Darren are so great in portraying the characters; you know they aren't the pretty boy and girl type but rather the charismatic actors. Many people compare this movie to You Are The Apple Of My Eye because of the similar storyline. As for me who watched both of them, I would say this one is better. First, I like this storyline more. Both people are friends by accident and they helped each other to get their dream guy/girl but something happened. YATAOME has a more depressing story; he likes her and she likes him but because of misunderstanding each other, they separated. Second, the leads here are better; their chemistry is sooo good. Third, the confession part really touches me and the ending is a clean finish. As a bonus, there are also cameos of Qiao En as adult Lin Zhengxin, Jerry Yan as adult Xu Taiyu, and Andy Lau. They try to find actors with the similar features to portray the adult version. This movie is definitely worth watching! You can watch it HERE
NB: If you are curious why Lin Zhengxin is called as Truly Lin, it's because her name in Chinese is 林真心 where 真心 means "truly".

Rate: 9.5/10

 我們說沒事, 就是有事。
When we say nothing's wrong, it means something's wrong.
沒關係, 就是有關係。
When we say it's ok, it means it's not ok.

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