December 13, 2015

Juice Cleanse Day 2

So in the second day I also got 6 bottles consisted of 5 bottles of juices and 1 bottle raw almond mylk but because they made a little mistake yesterday, I got a free almond mylk so it's 7 bottles for today! Started a bit late this morning, I drank my first bottle at almost 11am and continued the second bottle at 12pm. The rest was consumed with 2 hours interval for each bottle. What I had today:
  1. Detox Hero (Booster): kale, cilantro, parsley, lime, white dragon (11am)
  2. Workout Buddy (Energize): carrot, honeydew, cinnamon (12pm)
  3. Flat Belly (Fuel): kale, banana, strawberry, lemon (2pm)
  4. Green tea raw almond mylk (Cleans) (4pm)
  5. Detox Hero (Restore): kale, cilantro, parsley, lime, white dragon (6pm)
  6. Red Roar (Rejuve): red and white dragon, beet, banana, lime (8pm)
Today was not as hard as yesterday; I felt fresh and energized when I woke up. I had my morning walk for around an hour and drank a lot of water. Since they delivered the juice later than yesterday and I didnt eat anything, I had presyncope this morning around 2-3x. It scared me; I thought I would faint if the juices didnt come at the right time. It was my fault that I didnt consult first with them that I had hypotension and I didnt think the side effect could be very severe. I felt good after my first bottle and continued drinking the rest without any problem. I didnt even think about food as much as I did yesterday. The Detox Hero wasnt really bad; there's no difference in the ingredients but it just tasted better than the one I had yesterday. Of course my favorite was green tea raw almond mylk. I love everything about green tea! The second day was much better and I didnt regret for joining this program. Now I know I cant really handle consuming only liquids throughout the day. I dont think I'll do the juice detox again in the future since the number of presyncope I had in these 2 days scared me. It's better to drink juice everyday to get maximum result. It's been a great experience for me and finally Im done~

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