December 12, 2015

Juice Cleanse Day 1

It's 12/12/2015 today! I did nothing, just relaxing all day long and enjoyed what I can enjoy at the moment. Anyway, I join a 2-day juice cleansing program for today and tomorrow. I try it because Im curious since people said it's good for health (cleaning body toxins) but based on what I browsed, there's pros and cons about it. Actually our body also has its own mechanism to clean the toxins.
The advantage of doing juice detox:
  1. Increase body metabolism
  2. Add your stamina
  3. Increase body's immune system
  4. Soft and moisturised skin
  5. Decrease body weight
Basically I ate nothing today, only drank juices. They gave me 5 bottles of juices and 1 bottle of raw almond mylk. There's a number on the cap of the bottle so you know which one you should drink at the desired time. They said I can eat boiled potato or something like that but I refrained myself from food. What I have for today:
  1. Detox Hero (Booster): kale, cilantro, parsley, lime, white dragon (10am)
  2. Ginger Bliss (Energize): orange, lime, white dragon, ginger (12pm)
  3. Flat Belly (Fuel): kale, banana, strawberry, lemon (2pm)
  4. Plain raw almond mylk (Cleans) (4pm)
  5. Detox Hero (Restore): kale, cilantro, parsley, lime, white dragon (6pm)
  6. Very Berry Good (Rejuve): strawberry, blueberry, cranberry, banana, lime (8pm)
This morning I have a 40-minute walk and started drinking my first bottle at 10am. Usually in the morning I have a bottle of yoghurt drink and eat 1-2 times a day. Skipping meal is not really a problem for me. Since last week, I joined healthy catering for lunch and that made me reduced my meal portion. I thought this detox would not be very hard but I was wrong. Maybe because I was thinking about food for the whole day. I drank a bottle every 2 hours and it helped to reduce my hunger because whenever I felt hungry then it's the time to drink juice again. I hated detox hero; it was all vegetables and no fruit at all (you can imagine how it tasted)! The rest was my favorite of course. I used to drink juices everyday for 6 years back in my hometown. I think to get soft and moisturised skin you need to drink juice everyday; it's not a result you can get by overnight. The only problem I had today was I suffered 4x almost blackout, probably because of my hypotension. I was a bit surprised to know that I experienced presyncope 4x today where usually I seldom had it unless I didnt eat. It's better to reduce your meal portion prior to starting the detox and stick with that meal plan even a few days after the program. Drink a lot of water during the detox is also very important. Besides the presyncope, I didnt have any concern except I felt a bit less energised today. The reaction is not always the same in each person since everybody has different rate of metabolism. This kind of thing is a new experience for me and Im curious how my body will respond for the second day. Ciao!

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