December 31, 2015

Highlight of my 2015

It's the last day of the year. I still cant believe how time flies so fast. I have experienced many things this year; I can say this is one of the best year in my life. Tomorrow will be 2016 and of course I need to make a new resolution and try to achieve the things I have not done this year.
Highlight of the year:
1. I managed to spend Chinese New Year with my family and had vacation with my relatives since it's a long weekend (if Im not mistaken)
2. My mom came to the town again for my birthday; I cant be thankful enough for always having mom here during my birthday for 3 years straight.
3. I watched T1ST0RY in Bangkok! Im a hardcore TVXQ fan and I was sooooo happy finally one of my dreams came true. Last year I also got to watch JYJ's concert in Hongkong.
4. My first time going to Europe and travelling alone! I was afraid at first but then everything changed since I went to Prague. I travelled alone without any knowledge about the city and internet connection, only based on the map I got from the hotel I stayed.
5. A month exchange in Budapest. This should be my best month of the year! To be honest, when they announced I would be doing an exchange in Budapest, I was scared at first. I didnt even know where Budapest was since it was really far from Indonesia and whether I would be able to survive there in my own. Turned out everything was fantastic; I met friends from all around the world and learnt a lot about the habit and culture. Budapest is definitely the most beautiful city I've ever visited. God always knows what's the best for us right?
6. Song Triplets is my pill of happiness for this year. In the past few years whenever I had problems, I watched TVXQ concerts and videos or listening to their songs. This year I have moved on to Song Triplets; they are really cute that I always forget my problems when I watched their videos. I even bought their calendar after trying so hard to find it. They will be leaving the show next February; everyone is sad about it but that's the best for them. They are so mature for their age and their brotherhood is just awesome. Please grow up healthily and happily ok Daehan Minguk Manse^^

And this will be my resolution for next year:
- A slimmer and healthier me (always)
- Graduated in May 2016
- Study hard play hard
- Travelling again (my checklist would be Iceland, Japan, or America)
- Good health and happiness for my family

Thank you for everything that happened in 2015 and Im excited to see what 2016 will give me. See ya 2016!

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