December 09, 2015

December, my favorite!

Hello it's December, my favorite month of the year! Christmas is coming closer and after that we'll face another new year. Im not ready for 2016 yet! I still remembered back then in 2012 there's a rumor saying the doomsday will come on 21 December 2012. Im so thankful to God that we're still alive till this day. Times flies so fast that Im already in my last block of my academic year and in January I'll have my last exam before entering the clinical rotation. Im a bit aware of my laziness in studying; will I be able to survive the clerkship? After my random blabbering last time, I felt better a bit since I cant tell anyone in my real life about it. It might be because I tend to overthink, but writing about it did really comfort me. Now I have a notebook to write about life quotes and it helps a lot; you get stronger each day when you read good quotes. I find this method when I watch a youtube video. Im not the type who writes diary; I prefer to write on my blog since it's easier if I want to search for the memories.

Judge less.
Love more.
If you want inner peace, resist the temptation to gossip about others.

Starbucks' red cup = Christmas is coming!

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