December 31, 2015

Highlight of my 2015

It's the last day of the year. I still cant believe how time flies so fast. I have experienced many things this year; I can say this is one of the best year in my life. Tomorrow will be 2016 and of course I need to make a new resolution and try to achieve the things I have not done this year.
Highlight of the year:
1. I managed to spend Chinese New Year with my family and had vacation with my relatives since it's a long weekend (if Im not mistaken)
2. My mom came to the town again for my birthday; I cant be thankful enough for always having mom here during my birthday for 3 years straight.
3. I watched T1ST0RY in Bangkok! Im a hardcore TVXQ fan and I was sooooo happy finally one of my dreams came true. Last year I also got to watch JYJ's concert in Hongkong.
4. My first time going to Europe and travelling alone! I was afraid at first but then everything changed since I went to Prague. I travelled alone without any knowledge about the city and internet connection, only based on the map I got from the hotel I stayed.
5. A month exchange in Budapest. This should be my best month of the year! To be honest, when they announced I would be doing an exchange in Budapest, I was scared at first. I didnt even know where Budapest was since it was really far from Indonesia and whether I would be able to survive there in my own. Turned out everything was fantastic; I met friends from all around the world and learnt a lot about the habit and culture. Budapest is definitely the most beautiful city I've ever visited. God always knows what's the best for us right?
6. Song Triplets is my pill of happiness for this year. In the past few years whenever I had problems, I watched TVXQ concerts and videos or listening to their songs. This year I have moved on to Song Triplets; they are really cute that I always forget my problems when I watched their videos. I even bought their calendar after trying so hard to find it. They will be leaving the show next February; everyone is sad about it but that's the best for them. They are so mature for their age and their brotherhood is just awesome. Please grow up healthily and happily ok Daehan Minguk Manse^^

And this will be my resolution for next year:
- A slimmer and healthier me (always)
- Graduated in May 2016
- Study hard play hard
- Travelling again (my checklist would be Iceland, Japan, or America)
- Good health and happiness for my family

Thank you for everything that happened in 2015 and Im excited to see what 2016 will give me. See ya 2016!

December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Hello guys it's 25 December, Merry Christmas! Im happy and sad at the same time though. Im supposed to spend the end of the year with my family in my hometown but because I have an exam in January so now Im stuck in this city where everyone is enjoying their holiday. However, Im sooooo happy because I dreamt about Song Triplets yesterday! This sounds ridiculous; I dont even know how I can dream about them. Perhaps because the latest episode of Superman had them interacting with people through volunteering and I wish I lived in Korea so that I will be able to see them. In that dream, I met them accidentally with Song appa and asked if I can take photos with the triplets and he said yes. Surprisingly he can speak fluent English and we communicate well lol I took selfies with the triplets! Yes, it was just a dream but it makes me happy! Anyway, Christmas has always been my favorite since I was a child; I love the hype! Too bad in Indonesia we dont have winter and Christmas market. That's why I really want to go abroad to celebrate Christmas. 

Merry Christmas from Song Triplets!

December 24, 2015

Movie review: 我的少女時代 (Our Times)

THIS MOVIE IS SOOOOO GOOD. I just finished watching it an hour ago and decided to make the review directly. The movie, literally translated as "My Teenage Years", is the biggest hit movie this summer. I had put this in my must-watch list when I saw the preview for the first time. Both main leads, Vivian Sung and Darren Wang, are newcomers and made their breaktrough roles through this movie. Our Times starts with adult version of Lin Zhengxin (Vivian Sung) telling the story of her life now and then reminiscing about her teenage years. She was an ordinary highschool girl having a crush on the school's most popular guy, Ou-yang Fei Fan. One day she got a letter containing a chain message saying that she would get bad luck if she didnt pass the message to 5 people. When she was confused about who she should pass the message to, she saw her crush was being cornered by school's gang leader, Xu Taiyu and decided to secretly put the letter in his bag. That day Taiyu was hit by a car and searched for the person who put the letter. Zhengxin was found to be the culprit and that was the beginning of her nightmare. Taiyu made her as his "friend" which meant his slave lol Accidentally she found out Ouyang and the school's prettiest girl, Tao Minmin, were dating secretly. She and Taiyu, who liked Minmin, decided to work together to separate both of them. As the time goes by, they started to like each other whithout realising it. Taiyu has stopped fighting and started to study again because of Zhengxin. Then one accident happened and Taiyu disappeared but this is not the end of the story. I had high expectation before I watched the movie and it's even beyond my expectation. The storyline, characters, main leads, and OSTs are just perfect. I smile, I laugh, I cry when I watched the movie. I really like the main leads' characters. Lin Zhengxin was ugly and no self confidence at first; after she befriends with Taiyu, she gains her confidence and also helps him to forget his pain and be a better person. Taiyu himself is a school's gang leader but then the story tells he wasn't like that before; a scar deep inside his heart has changed his personality. Not to mention his retro hairstyle that I like so much since not everyone suits that kind of hairstyle. Vivian and Darren are so great in portraying the characters; you know they aren't the pretty boy and girl type but rather the charismatic actors. Many people compare this movie to You Are The Apple Of My Eye because of the similar storyline. As for me who watched both of them, I would say this one is better. First, I like this storyline more. Both people are friends by accident and they helped each other to get their dream guy/girl but something happened. YATAOME has a more depressing story; he likes her and she likes him but because of misunderstanding each other, they separated. Second, the leads here are better; their chemistry is sooo good. Third, the confession part really touches me and the ending is a clean finish. As a bonus, there are also cameos of Qiao En as adult Lin Zhengxin, Jerry Yan as adult Xu Taiyu, and Andy Lau. They try to find actors with the similar features to portray the adult version. This movie is definitely worth watching! You can watch it HERE
NB: If you are curious why Lin Zhengxin is called as Truly Lin, it's because her name in Chinese is 林真心 where 真心 means "truly".

Rate: 9.5/10

 我們說沒事, 就是有事。
When we say nothing's wrong, it means something's wrong.
沒關係, 就是有關係。
When we say it's ok, it means it's not ok.

Official trailer:

December 22, 2015

The last block exam.

Happy Mother's Day to every mom in the world! Im not the type who stay close to my mom all the time but I try to say I love my mom (and my dad of course) whenever I can. People say you live everyday and die once so express your true feeling to your most loved one. Today marks the end of my academic year. I had my very last block exam this morning and the only thing left is my practical exam before I enter the clinical rotation. It's been a bittersweet journey for me in these 3.5 years studying about medicine; I have a love-hate relationship with it. Flashback to the first time I arrived in this city, feeling amazed and confused at the same time because the culture was so different with the one I had in my hometown. I cried a lot in my first semester; homesick was getting worse and worse. Slowly I started to adapt to this society, even though till now Im still not 100% comfortable living here. I dont know why; there's just something missing compare to my hometown. Im still trying to adapt till now so that I can get my truly comfort zone. It's 3 weeks more to the practical exam and Im supposed to study but the feeling is not here yet. You know the energy you have when the exam is right around the corner is always the best; you can study and exercise effectively and sufficiently lol I hope I can get a good result for my exam and proceed to the clinical rotation smoothly. Let's pray for the best. Aza aza fighting!!

Herbal Medicine (my last module) and motivation quotes.
I stick them in front of me so I can see them everytime and they motivates me more~

December 13, 2015

Juice Cleanse Day 2

So in the second day I also got 6 bottles consisted of 5 bottles of juices and 1 bottle raw almond mylk but because they made a little mistake yesterday, I got a free almond mylk so it's 7 bottles for today! Started a bit late this morning, I drank my first bottle at almost 11am and continued the second bottle at 12pm. The rest was consumed with 2 hours interval for each bottle. What I had today:
  1. Detox Hero (Booster): kale, cilantro, parsley, lime, white dragon (11am)
  2. Workout Buddy (Energize): carrot, honeydew, cinnamon (12pm)
  3. Flat Belly (Fuel): kale, banana, strawberry, lemon (2pm)
  4. Green tea raw almond mylk (Cleans) (4pm)
  5. Detox Hero (Restore): kale, cilantro, parsley, lime, white dragon (6pm)
  6. Red Roar (Rejuve): red and white dragon, beet, banana, lime (8pm)
Today was not as hard as yesterday; I felt fresh and energized when I woke up. I had my morning walk for around an hour and drank a lot of water. Since they delivered the juice later than yesterday and I didnt eat anything, I had presyncope this morning around 2-3x. It scared me; I thought I would faint if the juices didnt come at the right time. It was my fault that I didnt consult first with them that I had hypotension and I didnt think the side effect could be very severe. I felt good after my first bottle and continued drinking the rest without any problem. I didnt even think about food as much as I did yesterday. The Detox Hero wasnt really bad; there's no difference in the ingredients but it just tasted better than the one I had yesterday. Of course my favorite was green tea raw almond mylk. I love everything about green tea! The second day was much better and I didnt regret for joining this program. Now I know I cant really handle consuming only liquids throughout the day. I dont think I'll do the juice detox again in the future since the number of presyncope I had in these 2 days scared me. It's better to drink juice everyday to get maximum result. It's been a great experience for me and finally Im done~

December 12, 2015

Juice Cleanse Day 1

It's 12/12/2015 today! I did nothing, just relaxing all day long and enjoyed what I can enjoy at the moment. Anyway, I join a 2-day juice cleansing program for today and tomorrow. I try it because Im curious since people said it's good for health (cleaning body toxins) but based on what I browsed, there's pros and cons about it. Actually our body also has its own mechanism to clean the toxins.
The advantage of doing juice detox:
  1. Increase body metabolism
  2. Add your stamina
  3. Increase body's immune system
  4. Soft and moisturised skin
  5. Decrease body weight
Basically I ate nothing today, only drank juices. They gave me 5 bottles of juices and 1 bottle of raw almond mylk. There's a number on the cap of the bottle so you know which one you should drink at the desired time. They said I can eat boiled potato or something like that but I refrained myself from food. What I have for today:
  1. Detox Hero (Booster): kale, cilantro, parsley, lime, white dragon (10am)
  2. Ginger Bliss (Energize): orange, lime, white dragon, ginger (12pm)
  3. Flat Belly (Fuel): kale, banana, strawberry, lemon (2pm)
  4. Plain raw almond mylk (Cleans) (4pm)
  5. Detox Hero (Restore): kale, cilantro, parsley, lime, white dragon (6pm)
  6. Very Berry Good (Rejuve): strawberry, blueberry, cranberry, banana, lime (8pm)
This morning I have a 40-minute walk and started drinking my first bottle at 10am. Usually in the morning I have a bottle of yoghurt drink and eat 1-2 times a day. Skipping meal is not really a problem for me. Since last week, I joined healthy catering for lunch and that made me reduced my meal portion. I thought this detox would not be very hard but I was wrong. Maybe because I was thinking about food for the whole day. I drank a bottle every 2 hours and it helped to reduce my hunger because whenever I felt hungry then it's the time to drink juice again. I hated detox hero; it was all vegetables and no fruit at all (you can imagine how it tasted)! The rest was my favorite of course. I used to drink juices everyday for 6 years back in my hometown. I think to get soft and moisturised skin you need to drink juice everyday; it's not a result you can get by overnight. The only problem I had today was I suffered 4x almost blackout, probably because of my hypotension. I was a bit surprised to know that I experienced presyncope 4x today where usually I seldom had it unless I didnt eat. It's better to reduce your meal portion prior to starting the detox and stick with that meal plan even a few days after the program. Drink a lot of water during the detox is also very important. Besides the presyncope, I didnt have any concern except I felt a bit less energised today. The reaction is not always the same in each person since everybody has different rate of metabolism. This kind of thing is a new experience for me and Im curious how my body will respond for the second day. Ciao!

December 09, 2015

December, my favorite!

Hello it's December, my favorite month of the year! Christmas is coming closer and after that we'll face another new year. Im not ready for 2016 yet! I still remembered back then in 2012 there's a rumor saying the doomsday will come on 21 December 2012. Im so thankful to God that we're still alive till this day. Times flies so fast that Im already in my last block of my academic year and in January I'll have my last exam before entering the clinical rotation. Im a bit aware of my laziness in studying; will I be able to survive the clerkship? After my random blabbering last time, I felt better a bit since I cant tell anyone in my real life about it. It might be because I tend to overthink, but writing about it did really comfort me. Now I have a notebook to write about life quotes and it helps a lot; you get stronger each day when you read good quotes. I find this method when I watch a youtube video. Im not the type who writes diary; I prefer to write on my blog since it's easier if I want to search for the memories.

Judge less.
Love more.
If you want inner peace, resist the temptation to gossip about others.

Starbucks' red cup = Christmas is coming!