November 16, 2015

Faculty of Medicine Universitas Gadjah Mada.

Some of my friends from other faculties were asking if I'd done with all the academic things. To answer you, I havent. I might have finished my thesis but it's not the end. I'll do explanation on how the things work in my faculty. We have two classes, regular and international. Im in batch 2012 regular where we use different academic system with our juniors. We have 2 semesters for each academic year and usually we start around August-September. In our faculty, we use block system; you cant choose which material you want to study because it's been set by the faculty. One semester contains three blocks and one block lasts for six weeks. On week 6 we always have our final exam in one day and for only 100 minutes, so we need to learn all previous weeks' materials and have it tested in merely 100 minutes. In the end of each academic year, we have clinical skills exam which is Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE). You should pass year 1 OSCE to be able to join the year 2 OSCE and so on. Today is the first day of my last block in the academic year which is Block 4.3. After we finish this block, we will face the OSCE Comprehensive which is the requirement to enter the clinical rotation. As for the thesis, here in my faculty we can choose which topic we are interested to, who will be our supervisor, and who will be our teammates so everything is up to us. If you can finish it early, you can apply for the thesis exam even though you are not finished with the official study yet. There is my friend who have done it in January when we were only in year 3. I hope this explanation helps a bit, if any of you is considering to enroll to my university.

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