October 30, 2015

Drama review: Twenty Again

Finally my feels for blogging is back! This time Im going to write about a drama I finished two weeks ago, a day after this drama ended. It's called "Twenty Again" and tbh this drama is not even on my list. The premise is about someone who wasted her twenties and she got second chance to experience her twenty again. Im not excited about this; even after they announced the main leads would be Choi Jiwoo and Lee Sangyoon. None of her dramas were preferences; most of them were melodramas. As for Lee Sangyoon, I liked him since Angel Eyes which was really good in the beginning, flat in the middle, and suck in the end. 

The main character is Ha Nora, a 38yo housewife whose life is only about her husband and son. Her husband, Kim Woo Chul, is a professor and he's really arrogant and overconfidence. They are in the mid of divorce because he has been frustated by her act. She got married at 20 and moved to Germany; he thought she wasnt educated and couldnt chat with her. Her son, Kim Minsoo, is very clever and he looked up to his dad but not his mom. So basically her most important family members didnt even respect her. Before her divorce becomes official in a few months, she decided to enroll in a university secretly since she couldnt do it in the past and that has been her longtime desire. Accidentally her husband and son also enter the same university and she needs to avoid them. There she meets her highschool classmate, Cha Hyun Suk, a well-known producer and aspiring professor in the subject she enroll in. She recognised him but he avoids her making her confused. Turns out Cha Hyun Suk's first love was Ha Nora but he hated her for suddenly moving to Germany and left without any words. She didnt even come back for her grandma's funeral making him hate her even more. The story goes on with how Nora learns to adapt with the new environment in her campus, her bickering relationship with Hyunsuk, and how she finally realises what she really wants to do. We know during the whole drama that Hyunsuk still falls in love with Nora even after 20 years have passed but Nora didnt even realise her own feeling that she's also in love with him. Hyunsuk is the guy bestfriend who everybody wants. I think he's almost like Li Da Ren but of course Li Da Ren is still the best. He keeps on bickering with her; at one time he just got angry on her over nothing and at the other time he's the sweetest person ever. Actually Im so frustated when toward the end of the drama Nora still hasnt realised her feeling but luckily she did in the final episode. Cheers to the writer who did a very good job in this drama; I didnt even complain when the romance appears almost in the end of the drama because it's just in the right proportion of the story. I get many lessons from this drama. One should not give up her dream; sometimes you need someone to make you realise what you really wants to do, and be happy without thinking what others will think about you. No doubt Choi Jiwoo is the most suitable cast for Hanora; her youthful appearance and great acting are perfect combination. Lee Sangyoon did much better here tha in Angel Eyes; he shows us lots of expressions and emotions and makes his character lovable and hateable at the same time. You definitelyneed to watch this!
PS: The rating is very high for cable drama. Not to mention how much I like Na Soon Nam!!

Rate: 8.5/10
Ha No-ra once dreamed of becoming a dancer, but she unexpectedly became pregnant at age 19 and had to quit school and get married. For the next two decades, her life revolved around being a housewife and mother. Now 38 years old and on the brink of divorce, No-ra is mistakenly diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer and given a six-month prognosis. So she decides to go back to school and experience college life for the first time.[11] Among the incoming freshmen are her own 20-year-old son Kim Min-soo and his girlfriend Oh Hye-mi, who are horrified to have No-ra as their classmate.[12] Unbeknownst to No-ra, her intellectual snob husband Kim Woo-chul recently accepted a job teaching psychology at the same university, and her prickly theater arts professor turns out to be Cha Hyun-seok, who had a crush on No-ra in high school. 

the frustating Ha Nora

student Ha Nora!

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