August 15, 2015

Holiday - The End.

Im back again to blog! Yes, I've arrived in my hometown 2 weeks ago but I need to prepare for my exam so I didnt have the time to post anything here. I've just finished my exam today and I still have one week holiday before the school starts. I'll be in my fourth year now and I hope I can pass all the exams smoothly so I can graduate according to the schedule. My holiday this time was the best one ever. I travelled to four countries: France (Paris), Hungary (Budapest), Czech Republic (Prague), and Austria (Vienna). Paris has been my dream place since I was a kid and finally I can go to this beautiful city. Budapest, Prague, and Vienna are so different even though they are close to each other geographically. Last month in Budapest has also been a wonderful one for me; I have done lots of things which I think I wont be able to do it in the past. I thought I wouldnt miss Budapest after I left but I was wrong; I miss Budapest a lot T^T I miss the times where I can walk around the city, drink and sit in the Liberty Bridge, go shopping whenever I want to, talk to my roommates, eat pizza at the metro station, etc. Thank you June and July for being so good to me and see you next time Europe!

I miss you Budapest.

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