August 30, 2015


So last week I went to Bali before the school starts. I spent 4d3n night and met up with my friends who worked in Bali. This was my second time being there; the first was in 2012. Bali really amazed me; it's in Indonesia yet the atmosphere was so different with any other cities in this country. In Bali most people practices Hinduism and I like it there because they are so religious but in the same time they are very open minded. I think 90% of the tourists are Western people and they accept them very well. They have lots of beaches in Bali; you'll never get bored of it. I went to many places during my stay there: Monkey Forest, Pandawa Beach, Kuta Beach, Pura Uluwatu, Ayana Resort, etc. These photos summed up my trip.
PS: All photos are taken by me.

Pandawa Beach

Sunset in Pura Uluwatu

Kubu Beach

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