July 27, 2015


I had a 3d2n trip to Vienna last weekend and just came back yesterday. It's soooo good. Vienna is very different from Budapest; I think it's more developed and they had many tourists everywhere. Vienna, Prague, and Budapest are not similar at all even though geographically they are close to each other. I feel Vienna is a bit similar to Paris while Prague has more gothic or darkness aura (lol). Budapest is a bit like old city where they use old metro. They also had many touristic places but too bad it's a bit difficult to find guided tour for those places. Back to Vienna, we went to the Parliament, Museum of Natural History, St. Stephen's Cathedral, Opera House, The Rathaus (Town Hall), and many other places. We also visited Schönbrunn Palace and Hofburg Palace which stories are connected to each other. Schönbrunn Palace tells about the King Franz Joseph I and his wife, Elisabeth "Sisi" while Hofburg is more about Sisi's life timeline. In the same time, last weekend was the celebration of 25 years Film Festival in Vienna so they hold an open theatre in front of the Town Hall and it's so crowded (Im not sure but maybe they hold the open theatre for the whole month). The movie was Swan Lake and I was so excited about it because this was my first time but it turned out to be an opera-like movie which I didnt understand at all. In this city you can also find lots of street arts. I will definitely come again to this city; three days are not enough for me T^T

Marisa - Zehra - Lilian - me - Cagla - Gulli

Schönbrunn Palace

Museum of the Austrian National Library

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