July 06, 2015


Finally Im in Budapest and after all the struggle I get to use the internet lol I just got back from Prague this morning, made me missed the Explore Budapest tour in the afternoon because I arrived here at almost 5pm. My 4 days 3 nights trip in Prague was totally awesome. Prague is a very beautiful city with lots of history which is definitely my cup of tea. I explore the Old Town Square, Prague Astronomical Clock, Charles Bridge, and Prague Castle alone with map and by asking people I met on the street. At the first day, I dont really understand anything about the history but Prague Castle tour really helped me a lot. The tour guide talked about the history of Prague, King Charles IV, St. Wenceslas, St. John, etc. Pardon me for my knowledge of history. The Prague Castle complex consisted of many buildings such as St. Vitus Cathedral, Basilica St. George, Old Castle, Golden Gate, etc. I got discount for almost half price because of the student's card and it's better if you also join the tour because the tour guide explained everything. Another good thing I got to see was the astronomical clock. It's the third oldest astronomical clock in the world and the oldest one which is still working. I saw the 30s show for a few times: in the morning at 10am, 6pm, and the next day at 11am. The best part was at 6pm in the evening because everybody gathered around the clock just to see how it worked. It was veryyyyy crowded. Actually I still dont really understand about the mechanism; it's just too complicated. The second day I joined the Prague Free Tour; basically there was lots of people holding colorful umbrella around Old Town Square and Prague Astronomical Clock asking if you wanted to join a free tour. They'll bring you to the Old Town, New Town, and Jewish Headquarter for almost 2.5 hours and the fee was tip-based. This was really worth it; you got to see which part is the Old Town and New Town. Too bad the Jewish museum was closed on Saturday. I also met up with my friend who was having her exchange in Prague and we went to the Prague Castle because my ticket was valid for 2 days. Prague is definitely my favorite; if you dont like history then it's not really recommended. It has a very great scenery, but if you understand the history it will feel much better. I will come back again for sure (even I dont know when).

Prague Astronomical Clock

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