July 03, 2015


Finally after a few days here I got the desire to blog. It's been my 5th days in Europe; first three days in Paris, yesterday in Budapest, and today in Prague. I plan to write a travel diary in my blog during my journey to Europe, but I just get tired everyday because we walked a lot, which I didnt do often back in Indonesia. This is my first journey to Europe and my first time travelling alone. I was a bit scared since Europe is really far from my hometown and I dont know about the system in each country. I went from Medan-KL-Abu Dhabi-Paris using Etihad Airways which I thought was similar to Singapore Airlines; it's really good. It took almost 13 hours for me to arrive in Paris. Everything is expensive in Paris; food, taxi, public transportation, souvenirs, everything but this city is too beautiful to be skipped. If you travel to Western Europe, visiting Paris is a must. Spending my first day to visit Champ Elysses, Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Jardin du Tuileries, and Musee de Louvre, I was accompanied by my friend who has been staying in Paris to study. She really helped me a lot; French people doesnt really speak English though. Paris is awesome; the information for tourist is very complete and you can easily go everywhere using metro and buses but you need to understand how it works. It was very confusing for me at first because it's operated differently with the one I used in Bangkok. The first day was very tiring because I had jetlag but I directly went to all places as soon as I arrived in Paris. The second day I slept a lot and in the evening we just went to see and buy souvenirs. As for the third day, I travelled alone and got lost in Korean Town which I ended up eating Curry Udon and Gyoza. I and my friend went to Montmartre in the evening and it's so damn beautiful because you can see the whole city from the uphill and there's a famous old church called Bazilika Sacré-Cœur. Three days in Paris was more than enough for me; I like the environment; it's clean and tidy although we have to walk a lot to reach either the metro station or bus station. In Europe the sun sets at around 10pm so you can still walk everywhere at night. I went to Budapest in the afternoon yesterday and it hasnt left me much impression since I only stayed for a few hours and went straight to Prague using train.

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