July 13, 2015

Lake Balaton.

I just came back from a 3d2n trip to Lake Balaton. It's 2 hours by train from Budapest. There was Balaton Sound Festival and some of my friends went on Friday so we left on Friday morning. It's great; actually it's pretty much the same as Lake Toba but too bad Lake Toba is not properly organised hence not many tourists go there. Here they have parks for people to picnic with family and friends and also they can sunbath. This is absolutely different with the culture we had in Asia; people dont like sunbathing because they can easily be tanned. We also dont really go on a picnic (maybe it's for Indonesian only); we prefer to go on holiday staying in villa spending time with family and cousins. We like to travel to nature but not by exposing ourselves to direct sunlight. I like the environment here because people really enjoy their life to the fullest; most of the shops in Hungary close on Sunday and that's why they have their own private time to relax themselves. In Indonesia or other Asian countries, most shops open on Sunday so it's not difficult if you want to buy things on that day but as the result you dont really have much time for yourself unless it's a public holiday. Everything always has a positive and negative side. For the second day, we went to the other side of the lake. They also had parks, beaches, and restaurants; we went uphill to a church at the peak and took some pictures. I found a souvenir shops who sold everything about lavender and later found out that there were lavender fields in that island; too bad it's a bit far so I didnt go there. It's a good choice to spend the weekend there because we can enjoy the nature but maybe 2 days are enough for me.

My roommates: Zehra (Turkey) and Marisa (Portugal)

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