July 19, 2015

Budapest Free Walking Tour.

Today I joined Budapest free walking tour since I had nothing to do on Saturday. I've joined one before in Prague and I found it was amazing. We went to some famous places in Buda and Pest such as St. Stephen Basilica, Danube River, Chain Bridge, Buda Castle, St. Matthias Church, etc. Basically we dont pay for the tour but we give tips in the end of the tour based on your favor. Our tour guide today, Andy, was funny and interactive and he gave us lots of information about Hungary's history and cuisine. It's actually similar to the places I went on my first week in Budapest but with the history in it. I thought it would be very far because we went from Vorosmarty Ter in Pest to St. Matthias Church in Buda but actually it's not when you did it. My history knowlegde about Europe has improved a lot because of many tours I've joined and this made me happy. Through the tour, I knew that the place I went before with the green dome was actually not the Buda Castle but it was kind of the national museum. Only the castle's ruins are left in that place. This walking tour is highly recommended if you like to walk and enjoy the city's view and at the same time you can get the knowledge about their history. It lasted for 2.5-3 hours for each tour. After all these times, I started to love this city and just realised that I only had 13 days left before I leave Budapest.

Buda Castle viewed from Pest riverside

St. Stephen Basilica

View from Buda Castle

St. Matthias Church

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