July 07, 2015

Budapest: the first few days.

It's my third day in Budapest and the second day in the hospital! Budapest is VERY hot; in Paris and Prague it's not this hot. Paris was cold in the morning and night and in the afternoon it's hot but still windy. Indonesia is definitely hotter than any other cities in Europe but we have aircon everywhere: bedroom, living room, inside the car, plaza, everywhere. It's totally the opposite in the hospital. Being accepted in the Pediatric Surgery Department in Semmelweis University hospital, I stay most of the time inside the surgery ward so it's definitely better with the aircon. Im very happy that I got this department; my chief and the other doctors are very friendly and they speak English well. They explain the case to us whenever they can and I got to see some cases which I never saw before. The only thing I dont like is that because I bought the wrong shoes, my feet hurted a lot since we were always standing. Apart from this, I really like this department and especially because I have interest in anatomy, it really helps me alot. Even after three days in Budapest, I've not gone to any tourist places probably because it's very hot makes us easily to get tired. Im even lazy to do anything; I just want to sleep.

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