July 23, 2015

After almost 3 weeks in Budapest.

It's been almost 3 weeks since I've been staying in Budapest. Observed lots of things, I just knew that we have so many differences. Foods, cultures, habits, education, etc. Hungarian always says "szia" or 'sziasztok' when they meet someone which means "hello" and you should reply that. The pronounciation is the same as "see ya"; that's why I was confused at first when I just arrived in the hospital and the nurse greeted me. It's also not necessary to reply someone if they say hello in my country especially when it's a stranger who greets us. We just smile or reply sometimes. It's rude when you dont reply them and I experience it when I was buying something. They also always say thanks for everything; it's "köszönöm" or "köszi". My doctor always says that whenever the nurse gives him the surgery instruments. The special Hungarian dish is goulash; it's soup or stew of meat and vegetables, seasoned with paprika and other spices. I like this one because they use lots of spices and it's served hot, definitely my favorite. Sometimes I find European food is too plain for me. Here they also always eat with salt and bread. This is so weird for me because we never have salt on the table. The internet here is also very fast; it's like 6++ Mbps but my friend says it's slow lol In Indonesia it's even difficult to get 200 kbps. People here often say "igen" which means "yes" but they say it like "igen igen igen" in very fast which is funny for me. When they say "yo" which means "good", they also say it like "yo yo". I really like it when they say igen igen or yo yo xD
PS: all pics are taken by me.

Budapest view from Gellert Hill in the afternoon

Budapest view from the Green Bridge at night

Great Market Hall at night

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