June 06, 2015


It's been exactly a week since the concert. I still left my heart in Bangkok. I am a Yoochun stan for almost 8 years and now I start to like Yunho. I was allowed to watch this because accidentally my uncle and aunt planned to go to Bangkok that weekend and my parents too so I requested this. I didnt hope much for it; the chance was 50:50 but my parents granted my wish! To be honest, this concert was even better than the JYJ concert I watched last year. First, finally Im part of Red Ocean in real life!! This has been my dream since a long time ago. My dream was crashed in JYJ concert because there were so many individual stans resulting in a Rainbow Ocean. It's such a shame that they did that. Second, Homin is better in dancing (Im sorry) and they were so energetic that I kept screaming during the whole concert. My hands were sore the next day because I held and shook my lightstick for the whole concert like for 3++ hours. Third, my seatplan was in the third floor and many people said I just can see them in a very very small view but turned out it was far better than I expected. I think my seat at JYJ concert was worse despite paying a bit expensive than this one. The best part was I took pics and recorded so many fancams! The security in my area was not that strict made me possible to do it freely. I also met many new friends; Im happy that through TVXQ we can know each other. In the past, I supported all five and strongly denied the fact that they had separated. Now I realise maybe they are happier in this way; both sides can achieve what they cant in the past. Even I have to wait for more than 2 years, I will still wait for you guys. Thank you for making one of my dreams come true. Please keep continuing to be TVXQ. #alwayskeepthefaith

Medley: 믿어요/My Little Princess/You Only Love/Tonight/Paradise/She/You're My Melody
Red Ocean!! #proud

The fanproject during "Always With You": we held up the banner written  난 기다리는 거 잘해 which means "We are good at waiting". This project was made because Yunho will enlist very soon and we will wait for both of them to return.
Yunho cried in the end T_T he kept bowing to the fans in every side of the stage after seeing the project made by us

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