June 03, 2015

Drama review: 聽見幸福 (Someone Like You)


This is the latest taiwanese drama I watched starring Kingone Wang and Kirsten Ren. It's called "Ting Jian Xing Fu" which means listen to happiness and I actually dont understand what is the connection with the English title. The synopsis and casting were the reasons I decided to watch this drama. Kingone Wang was the second lead in 2005 hit drama Devil Beside You where Kirsten starred in 2013's drama In A Good Way. The story starts with Fang Zhan Cheng (Kingone Wang), a blind man who lost his fiancee in a car accident on their wedding day. His guilt for surviving the accident makes him decides not to get an operation so he could never forget his fiancee. He met Chen Yuxi (Kirsten Ren) accidentally in a spa, where he overheard her singing the same song like the one his fiancee always sing. She thought he was a pervert without realising he's blind and kept shouting at him. After a little misunderstanding she finally knows he's blind and pity him. His secretary then asked her to be his nurse, taking care of him. At first he rejected her because she hurted him in the past but slowly he opened his heart and befriends with her. This is just an ordinary love story but I love the chemistry between them. Kingone pulled off the character really well; not every actor can portray the role as a blind man so naturally. I dont think he can be considered as idol actor anymore because I can see his wrinkles clearly lol He acted as a blind man till half of the drama which made me bored occasionally and just skipped some episodes. As for Kirsten, she's just an average in my opinion. I didnt watch In A Good Way so I dont know how well she did in that drama. Crying scene is a big no for her; she looks really fake and cant cry naturally. I even find her voice sometimes is a bit annoying because it's so high pitch when she screams. Aside from all of those, I think she suits well with Kingone and even think he balances her character. There's even a gossip saying these two have been a couple but no one confirmed about that. The storyline itself is actually interesting though like typical taiwanese dramas it was draggy in a few episodes before the end. I cant say this drama is really good but it's refreshing.

Rate: 7/10

A man loses everything in one day in a tragic car accident. Fang Zhan Cheng (Kingone Wang) lost his fiancée, Liang Luo Han (Kirsten Ren), but he also lost his own eyesight. Devastated by the loss of his fiancée, Zhan Cheng is inconsolable and even refuses a corneal transplant that could restore his vision. But his life takes an unexpected turn when Wang Yu Xi (Kirsten Ren), who looks exactly like his fiancée, is hired to become Zhan Cheng’s day nurse. Another young woman, Xu Ya Ti (Nita Lei), receives Luo Han’s heart in a transplant and begins to exhibit many of Luo Han’s mannerisms and personality. Caught between a woman who looks exactly like his beloved dead fiancée and another woman who behaves just like her, what will Zhan Cheng do? (wiki)

This is her brother and his stepsister. They are so cute together!
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