June 12, 2015

Drama review: Sensory Couple

Sensory Couple or The Girl Who Sees Smells is Yoochun's last drama before his enlistment in August this year. It's been a buzz in the fandom when there's rumor he'll be starring in a drama prior to his enlistment and it turned out to be true. I like Yoochun as an actor, not to forget he is and always a singer in the first place. Shin Sekyung is his lover in the drama, Oh Cho Rim, who was able to see smells and different smells have different shapes. All started when she had an accident in her shs year made her in a coma for 3 months and woke up with her left eye turned to be blue. Yoochun as Choi Moogak is a police officer who lost all his senses since his younger sister's death. His sister was a false victim of the Barcode Murder Case where Chorim is the survived victim of the case but she lost all her memories after waking up from her coma. They accidentally met when Yoochun was searching for a thief and Chorim helped him with her ability. Later on, they work together to solve another murder case which will lead to the Barcode murderer. The murderer was revealed in the mid of the story (I forgot in which episode). Because of this, many netizens were afraid they lost the hype of the drama since it had many episodes to go till the end. I admit that my interest towards this drama decreased a bit after they revealed the murderer because it's not easy to keep all the hype without being draggy. I was also pessimistic when they casted at first Suzy then changed to Shin Sekyung as the female lead. If you watch drama frequently, you probably knew how she acted. Her face is too plastic and expressionless. But she changed my perception here; she wasnt as bad as what I think and paired up well with Yoochun. As for Yoochun, I think his best drama is still Rooftop Prince; this one was just a so-so for me. Sensory Couple got to maintain a good story line till the mid of the drama, after that they spent a few episodes only focusing in the lovey dovey scenes between Choi Moogak and Oh Chorim. Definitely not my thing since the romance-thriller is the concept I expected. We know in the police department most of the officer are men, but I like his team leader, Inspector Yeom. She was able to lead all her subordinates besides being underestimated at first because she's a woman. She didnt show much expression here, but that's what makes her looks great. The expression is suitable for her character. Nam Goongmin is also the second lead acting as a chef. You need to see how he did in this drama. I actually recommend this one because it's Yoochun's last drama before his enlistment. Perhaps you may like it, but Im a bit disappointed because they cant keep the good pace which make me lost my interest. Everybody has different taste right? Enjoy!
Kim So Hyun also made a cameo in this drama in earlier episode as Yoochun's younger sister Choi Eun Seol who was falsely murdered. She has been acting with Yoochun for several times, who was said to be her ideal type.

Rate: 7.5/10


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