May 03, 2015

Song Triplets.

These three babies have definitely taken my heart! Song Daehan, Song Minguk, and Song Manse. If you call them together, it will be Daehan Minguk Manse 대한 민국 만세 which means "Long Live the Republic of Korea". Their father, Song Il Gook, is a Korean actor and these babies star in Superman Is Back Season 2. I've recapped the show previously when it starred Haru, Sarang, twins Seoun and Seojun, Junwoo and Junsu in the early episodes. I stopped watching it for a while but then the Song Triplets are very famous since they appear on the show and I decide to watch it again. Sarang and the twins are still on the show while Haru, Junwoo, and Junsu have left the show and being replaced by the triplets and also Jion. I always have a thing for twins; that's why I like the twins and triplets more than other although haru is my favorite. Considering Haru as the most considerate child I've ever know, Im taken aback when I see this triplets; they are way more considerate than Haru is! They are just 3 years old but they take care of each other very well. When one of them is scared of something, the other will calm him down and saying "it's not scary at all." They always go to their own chair when it's the time to eat; they climb themselves to the chair and sit properly, singing along and waiting for the food without nagging. After eating they put the dishes to the sink and even clean their tables. I dont think 3yo kids these days do those things themselves. There's also the reflection chair which I like the most from the father's way to educate the children. When one of them makes mistakes, he tell him to bring his own chair, go to their bedroom, and face the wall for 5 minutes to reflect their mistakes. You would think it's not effective for kids, but they did it and it was a success. Twins is always cute but we know it's hard to raise the twins and this is even triplets. Here I cant even choose who is my favorite; all of them are cuteness overload. The Song triplets part is very recommended and sometimes I just watch the parts where they appear in the show xD

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