April 25, 2015

Variety show review: Roommate Season 2

 I got to watch this show because of my friend's recommendation. I didnt watch the first season so Im a bit confused at the beginning. Twelve celebrities live together in one house with sixty cameras and five bedrooms. They do housechores together, and sometimes have an outing. The members are: Lee Dong Wook, Park Min Woo, Jo Se Ho, After School's Nana, Seo Kang Jun, GOT7's Jackson, Bae Jong Ok, SNSD's Sunny, Kara's Youngji, Lee Guk Ju, Otani Ryohei, and G.O.D leader's Park Joon Hyung. The first five members are from season one while the rest are new members. In the picture above, it portrays their own roommate in the house: Ryohei-Joon Hyung, Youngji-Gukju-Nana, Dongwook-Seho-Minwoo, Sunny-JongOk, and Jackson-Kangjoon. I find it's refreshing but occasionally it's just boring. Because mostly they stay in the house doing something and sometimes they invite guests. At first it was interesting but if you have the same activities like in most of the episodes, for sure you'll get bored. I like Jackson and Youngji's interaction; they bicker a lot since they are at the same age. Both of them got lots of recognition thanks to this show because GOT7 is still new in entertainment industry and Youngji is the new member of Kara which is why no many people knew her in the beginning. Besides both of them, Lee Guk Ju, Joon Hyung, and Lee Dong Wook are also funny. Lee Dong Wook complains a lot while Lee Guk Ju is funny in her own way; you need to watch this to know why she is really famous now. Park Joon Hyung's English accent is definitely one of the main point in this show; he's 47 yo but still acts like a teenager it's cool man. You can also see an episode where the casts went to G.O.D's 15th anniversary concert. It's very touching because I know how it feels to be in a fandom, a mature fandom. I really envy G.O.D; they are not disbanded but still in a very good relationship even after 15 years. The fans are also very loyal to them although I know some of them perhaps are shipping other artists now. It made me cried a bit when I saw an episode where he invited the fans to come to their old dorm through his instagram without mentioning the address and within one hour there's like 100++ fans in front of the dorm. He even cried because he's touched so many fans still remembered and come. As for Jo Se Ho, he's annoying really Im sorry. He's a comedian, but I cant laugh every time he makes fun of something. Bae Jong Ok, Sunny, and Ryohei are just so so; they are not funny but also not annoying. I recommend this show only the parts of Jackson, Youngji, Lee Dong Wook, Lee Guk Ju, and Park Joon Hyung.

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