April 19, 2015


Yes, I am. 21 years of my life has been really great; I have an awesome family and a few groups of bestfriends who understand me well. It's almost been 3 years since I left my hometown for study, but Im glad that I still keep in contact with my friends (cant mention all of them here; you know who you are). My wish for this year is that I can graduate next year, continue my medstud life as a coass, keep in contact with my friends, and some other wishes that I dont want to mention here. I hope I still can update about TVXQ and spazz dramas in the future because that's my box of happiness and I dont want to leave it. Anyway, thanks to everybody who remembered my birthday even though I didnt put it on my facebook!^^ Im always grateful that I have all of you. Happy birthday to myself! #nomoreshame #whatisshame

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