March 13, 2015

Random blabbering.

I wish we had the power to stop the time. But if that's possible, then we would live in 1000000 BC and not in 21st century haha. Im having 4 days holiday after finishing my final exam last Wednesday. Having holiday is always the best, no matter how short or long it is. Currently Im not in the mood of watching Korean dramas perhaps because none of them suits my preference. The last one I watched was Healer and I really love it. I've put The Girl Who Sees Smells on my list because it starts Yoochun (you know why) even I quite dislike his costar Shin Sekyung but let's try the first few episodes until we decide everything. Tohoshinki is also having their 10 years dome tour in Japan right now; how I wish I was there. I've persuaded my mom to allow me to watch them live in Japan but because I've watched JYJ in Hongkong last year, you know it failed on my first try. Im blabbering random things today; finally after a long time I feel like writing again. And next cdrama on my list is Cruel Romance by Chen Qiao En and Huang Xiao Ming. Just hope Im in the mood of watching drama again. Annyeong!

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