March 13, 2015

Random blabbering.

I wish we had the power to stop the time. But if that's possible, then we would live in 1000000 BC and not in 21st century haha. Im having 4 days holiday after finishing my final exam last Wednesday. Having holiday is always the best, no matter how short or long it is. Currently Im not in the mood of watching Korean dramas perhaps because none of them suits my preference. The last one I watched was Healer and I really love it. I've put The Girl Who Sees Smells on my list because it starts Yoochun (you know why) even I quite dislike his costar Shin Sekyung but let's try the first few episodes until we decide everything. Tohoshinki is also having their 10 years dome tour in Japan right now; how I wish I was there. I've persuaded my mom to allow me to watch them live in Japan but because I've watched JYJ in Hongkong last year, you know it failed on my first try. Im blabbering random things today; finally after a long time I feel like writing again. And next cdrama on my list is Cruel Romance by Chen Qiao En and Huang Xiao Ming. Just hope Im in the mood of watching drama again. Annyeong!

March 12, 2015

Movie review: Love Forecast

This movie is up on my list after I saw they casted Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won as the main lead. Both of them have been one of my favorite OTP ever since they were paired in Brilliant Legacy. At first the title was Today's Love and as you know, Korean movie/drama often has lots of names until they fix it to the final one. Love Forecast was released around January 2015 so it's still kinda difficult if you want to find the eng sub version. Lee Seung Gi is Kang Junsu, an ordinary elementary school teacher who has been dumped lots of times by his girlfriends. Moon Chae Won as Kim Hyun Woo, a pretty and popular weather reporter who has been his bestfriend for 18 years. Junsu has always been around her, helping her when she was drunk or taking car of her household cores. Even his family considers her as their family member. In the other side, Hyun Woo dates her producer, acted by Lee Seo Jin, who is actually a married man. Im pretty confuse at first; in the movie they didnt state he has married but in the middle suddenly there's a scandal saying Hyun Woo entered a hotel with a married man. Actually Junsu has fallen in love with Hyun Woo since 18 years ago and he has confessed to her before but she said she didnt feel any vibe when she hugged him. So basically this is a movie with the concept two bestfriends dont realise that they are actually each other's soulmate and you can even guess how the ending will be. To be honest the story is very very ordinary; even I find it similar to a Taiwanese drama named In Time With You (I will review it when I have time) and I should say the Taiwanese version is muchhhhh better. Junsu is portrayed as her daddy long legs but I feel he didnt give his best performance. Many people anticipated this movie because it's the first movie for Lee Seung Gi and he acted with Moon Chae Won. I've read some reviews and most of them say this movie is rather flat and I have to agree with them. They tried to make jokes in some parts but it didnt pull out well. The progress of the story is also a bit weird; at the beginning mostly they tell about Hyun Woo dating his producer and in the middle suddenly she and Junsu agree to date each other but never state themselves as couple. If the main couple isnt them, I dont think I will watch the movie. The poster and teaser are actually very interesting but too bad they fail in the execution. But perhaps you can give it a try. Maybe we have different taste ㅋ
PS: In Time With You is VERY recommended. Starring Chen Bo Lin as Li Da Ren and Ariel Lin as Cheng You Qing. 

Weather reporter Kim Hyun-woo (Moon Chae-won) is known for her beauty and elegance on television, but off-screen, she drinks and swears a lot. Hyun-woo has been friends for 18 years with Kang Joon-soo (Lee Seung-gi), a mild-mannered elementary school teacher who gives too much of himself in his relationships but always ends up getting dumped. Joon-soo has secretly loved Hyun-woo for years, but she claims she doesn't feel any sexual attraction between them, and he's had to stand by and watch while she fawns over married colleague Dong-jin (Lee Seo-jin) and goes on a blind date with nice but boring photographer Andrew (Jung Joon-young). (wiki)

Rate: 6.5/10

Official trailer:

March 05, 2015


You should have known that Im a big fans of 동방신기/東方神起/TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki/JYJ. This song is included in their newest Japanese album WITH and currently my most favorite one. Because last time I was having dificulty in finding the lyric and finally found it, I repost so that it'll be easier if you are searching for it. Enjoy!

Composer: Matthew Tishler, Andrew Underberg
Lyricist: H.U.B.
Arranger: Matthew Tishler, Andrew Underberg

Machi no yuugure
The neighborhood at twilight

ひとつひとつ窓の明かりが 星みたい灯ってゆく
Hitotsu hitotsu mado no akari ga hoshi mitai tomotte yuku
One by one, the windows’ lights are being switched on like stars

Hikari no naka de
Within the lights

それぞれの笑顔と涙 物語を生きる
Sorezore no egao to namida monogatari wo ikiru
With smiles and tears, each and every person is living their story

Young days 友達と急ぐsunset
Young days tomodachi to isogu sunset
Young days, rushing with my friends at sunset

Uchi ga mieta toki
The moment I saw my house

窓の明かりは 家族の証だね
Mado no akari wa kazoku no akashida ne
The lights at the windows spoke of family


Boku ga kaeru made zutto matte ite kureru
The one who will always be waiting for me to come home

それは君だと 信じるから
Sore wa kimi da to shinjiru kara
I believe it will be you, and so…

Baby  君に出会えて 君を好きになって
Baby kimi ni deaete kimi wo suki ni natte
Baby, meeting you by chance, falling in love with you

そう新しい帰る場所を 僕は見つけた
Sou atarashii kaeru basho wo boku wa mitsuketa
That is how I found my new home

きっと 遠くにいても 迷わないだろう
Kitto tooku ni ite mo mayowanai darou
Even if I am faraway I won’t get lost for sure

“Okaeri” no koe wo kiku made
Until I hear your voice welcoming me back home

Baby you’re my chandelier

You’re my chandelier

今日までの道 (道は)
Kyou made no michi (michi wa)
Although the path that lead us to today (the path)

Kesshite rakuna koto bakari dewanakatta kedo ima de wa
Was anything but an easy one, now

その出来事が (出来事が)  僕らの愛を強くしたよ 
Sono dekigoto ga (dekigoto ga) bokura no ai wo tsuyoku shitayo
I know those obstacles (obstacles) have strengthened our love

Nidoto nakanai youni
So we won’t ever cry again

One light 思い出が灯る
One light omoide ga tomoru
One light, and memories are lit

Two lights ただ守りたくて
Two lights tada mamoritakute
Two lights, only wanting to protect you(1)

どんな時でも 君に会いに来たよ
Donna toki demo kimi ni aini kitayo
No matter when, I have come to see you

Always ”待っていて” なんて
Always “matte ite” nante
Always telling you things like “please wait for me”

Kitto wagamama dakedo ne
It is selfish of me indeed

約束なしじゃ 生きれないよ
Yakusoku nashi ja ikirenaiyo
But I cannot live without any promise (to rely on)

Baby 君の言葉が 君の何もかもが
Baby kimi no kotoba ga kimi no nanimokamo ga
Baby, your words, and just about everything that you are

僕の心 埋め尽くして うまく言えない
Boku no kokoro ume tsukushite umaku ienai
Have filled up the gaps in my heart, and I can’t say it nicely

もっと伝えたいこと あるのに ごめんね
Motto tsutaetai koto aru noni gomenne
Although I want to let you know this better, I’m sorry

「ただいま」と君に言うまで (君に言うまで)
“Tadaima” to kimi ni iu made (kimi ni iu made)
Until I will tell you “I’m home” (until I tell you this)

Baby you’re my chandelier

僕らはまた会えるから dream
Bokura wa mata aeru kara dream
Because we will meet again, dream

Ashita no yume wo miteiyou
Let’s gaze at tomorrow’s dreams

いつも ずっと I need you yeah
Itsumo zutto I need you yeah
Always and forever, I need you yeah

I need you yeah

Baby  君に出会えて 君を好きになって
Baby kimi ni deaete kimi wo suki ni natte
Baby, meeting you by chance, falling in love with you

そう新しい帰る場所を 僕は見つけた
Sou atarashii kaeru basho wo boku wa mitsuketa
That is how I found my new home

きっと 遠くにいても 迷わないだろう
Kitto tooku ni ite mo mayowanai darou
Even if I am faraway I won’t get lost for sure

「おかえり」の  (your smile) 声を聞くまで
“Okaeri” no (your smile) koe wo kiku made
Until I hear your voice (your smile) welcoming me back home

Baby you’re my chandelier

You’re my chandelier (my love)

Alternative translation : « Wanting to protect two lights only »


Japanese lyrics :
Romanization, translation : TVXQSound (Twitter)