February 16, 2015

Drama review: Healer

Healer finally satisfied my craving for a good kdrama. This 20-episode drama ended last week but I didnt have time to make a review as soon as I finished watching it. First time watching a drama with ji Chang Wook as the lead, Im really happy that he reached my expectation and definitely the most suitable one to act as Healer. Park Minyoung acts as his lover here, and to be honest she's not my favorite actress but she changed all my perception towards her through this character. Healer is a person who is known as a night courier; he works for money as his goal is to buy an island in South Pacific. Anything as long as it doesnt kill or harm other people. He works with a genius programmer ajuhma and she's the one who helps him in doing his jobs. No one knows who Healer is; he is good at changing names and personalities. Fighting is one of his best abilities and that's also why he becomes the fugitive. Park Minyoung is Chae Young Shin, an entertainment news reporter in an online website and she tries hard to make a hit through her article. She has a childhood trauma which makes her couldnt talk in the past. Met him for the first time because an agent requested Healer to get something from her, she adores him because of his mysterious personality. The drama also involves the mystery from 20 years ago connecting Healer (his real name is Seo Jung Hoo) and Young Shin and also the reasons of their parents' death. JCW did an awesome job portraying Healer; he can be serious at one time and then becomes hilarious in the next time. No doubt this drama needs stuntman because its genre is action romance and involves lots of jumping from one rooftop to another. I still remembered before this drama premiered and they released official pics; I was confused why JCW needed to wear those costumes and jumped here and there. It was all answered after I watched the first episode. Park Minyoung is also an exception. I never really liked her in her previous dramas because she was just a mediocre. Im surprised to find out she cut her hair short for this drama and it really changed her image. Maybe this is what called as "the right time with the right person" because I think the character is very ordinary but she is able to pull it out. Two other characters I love are programmer ajuhma and Young Shin's adopt father. Ajuhma is always able to hack everything and gives every information to Healer and the most awesome thing is how fast she can work. As for Youngshin's father, I like his warm and kind personality. I cried when he and Youngshin flashed back to the time he met her in the orphanage and she still didnt talk to anyone. He tried very hard to make her like him but in an unusual way where he came to the orphanage everyday and talked to her without asking her to response. So he just talked about his stories everyday till Youngshin opened her heart to him. This really touched me. It was pretty disappointed they got low ratings despite their huge international popularity. Nowadays rating doesnt summarise about a drama or reality show as you can see in Running Man too. This drama is very recommended if you like something fresh and out of the box; totally awesome. Ah now I miss this drama again.

Rate: 9/10

how cute both of them are xD

full casts of Healer
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