January 03, 2015

Drama review: 恋恋不忘 (Loving, Never Forgetting)

It's been a long time since the last time I reviewed a drama and this time it's a cdrama. Actually sometimes I prefer cdrama to tdrama, mainly because they have a wide range of genres where tdrama is too typical and mostly have a similar storyline. Another thing is cdrama always gives a longer trailer, usually about 15 minutes which let us know more about the drama. Loving Never Forgetting has ended few months ago and starred Jerry Yan and Tong Liya as the main leads. Jerry as Li Zhong Mou, a successful businessman with a cold heart and has no father. Tong Liya as Wu Tong, an ordinary woman who has a child from Zhong Mou as a result of their one night stand 5 years ago but at that time she's just like another girl in his life and he didnt even recognise her. As if it's already fated, he met his child, Wu Tong Tong, in an accident without knowing the truth and Tong Tong needed a blood transfusion. After realising the truth, he requested for a custody to take care of Tong Tong since he didnt want Tong Tong to be like him, growing without a father's love. Besides, his mom kept persuading him to get married as soon as possible. Basically the story flows from the custody and some problems, until then he realised he has fallen for Wu Tong where actually Wu Tong still love him like how she used to be 5 years ago. I have put this drama on my list ever since I saw the news of it a few months ago and if you watch cdrama regularly you know that they usually air 2-3 episodes per day and the drama ends pretty fast unlike kdrama which only airs 2 episodes per week. Based on my search, they said this drama's genre is 孽恋 (nie lian) which means tortured love where it involves screaming, pulling, pushing, angry kissing, and something like that. Aside from that, Jerry Yan and Tong Liya are probably my main reason why I decided to watch this drama. Everybody knows Jerry because of his mega popular character Dao Ming Se in Meteor Garden, but he's not my favorite. I just dont like him, either his hairstyle or his character. Once I saw him in this poster, I know that I would like him and yes I did. He suits perfectly as Li Zhong Mou and everything about him here is soooooooo lovable. If you remember Tong Liya, she's Yang Mi bestfriend in Gong (Jade Palace Lock Heart) which shot Yang Mi to stardom. She is gorgeous, and together with Jerry they make a really cute couple with strong chemistry. Both of them drive my emotion up and down, at first they hate each other and then they are really sweet together. Too bad Tong Liya has married last year which make my OTP shipping fails TT I really recommended this one because you wont see the lovey dovey cute scenes, as from the beginning it has been tense and how he realised he loves her is very natural. It tells more about a family, not only about the couple. It's even better if you understand chinese because cdrama rarely get subbed where actually you can find the complete episodes in raw version in youtube.

Rating: 8.5/10

 Trailer (long version):

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