November 17, 2014

Drama review: You From Another Star

Yes, I know. Im so outdated that I just finished watching this drama today. I've known this drama ever since it announced Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun as the main lead. I was happy; I really like their chemistry in The Thieves but I dont know why I wasnt into this drama back then. Im not the type who watch a drama just because someone says it is good or recommend it to me. Only after I finished my exam few days ago and had some free time that I decided to try watching this drama and this is it. Im totally hooked. Previously this drama got the name changed a few times, from Man From Another Star to Lover From Another Star and then they finalised it as You From Another Star. Kim Soo Hyun is Do Min Joon, an alien who arrived on earth 400 years ago and has been living till now to wait for the time he can go back to his planet and Jeon Ji Hyun is Cheon Song Yi, an A-list actress which is the hot demand in Korea from CFs, movies, dramas, etc. She is a bit dumb but people still loves her; she always says mean words but actually she didnt mean it. Accidentally they are neighbour living in the same condominium and at the same time Min Joon is her professor at school. Then something happened where Song Yi was accused as the cause of Han Yoo Ra's suicide and that made her carreer fell off. Min Joon always helps her since at first he thought she was the reincarnation of a girl who helped him 400 years ago when he first arrived on earth. The girl died and he felt sorry because he couldnt protect her. As a romcom, I totally liked this drama like how Gong Hyo Jin said "딱 내스타일! (This is my style!)" Jeon Ji Hyun is finally coming back to drama world after 14 years and she hit the top with this project. Many people praise her because she portrays the character really well that you cant even imagine she will take this role. I always think Jeon Ji hyun as a feminine and elegant woman so I was quite surprised while watching this drama in the beginning because she was different. She acted ridiculously and comically at the same time that I keep laughing when she appeared on screen. The same thing goes to Kim Soo Hyun. Everybody knows he is one of the hottest male actors now and I've been following him ever since he acted in Will It Snow For Christmas. As an alien of course he has a cool personality but the good thing is he can balance Cheon Song Yi and I love it. Besides both leads, there are also Yoo In Na as Cheon Song Yi's bestfriend Yoo Se Mi, Park Hae Jin as Lee Hee Kyung, and Shin Seung Rok as Lee Jae Kyung, the psychotic brother of Lee Hee Kyung. I hate Shin Seung Rok's face; he's like the evil of evil lol. Like finally I found another great romcom after Rooftop Prince where sometimes the production stated a drama as romcom and turned out it wasnt. No wonder this drama is always first in rating while it was aired and managed to be a big winner in 50th Baeksang Arts Awards.

Rating: 9.5/10

The funniest out of all! I never imagine she would act like this lol

One of the most romantic kiss scene ever. Even Kim Soo Hyun said this scene was the most memorable one.

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