November 27, 2014

Drama review: Marriage Not Dating

To be honest, I wasnt interested even a bit about this drama. The turning point is when I watched You From Another Star last week and I like Lee Han Kyung, Lee Hee Kyung's first brother, who turned out to be Yeon Woo Jin. I directly searched for him and saw this drama, decided to watch it without even searching for the teaser first like what I used to do. Surprisingly, I just knew that he was the love rival of Song Seung Hun in When A Man Loves and I hated him. Back to this drama. It was aired in tvN back in July-August and I've to say I like most of their dramas despite it is a cable network. Marriage Not Dating is a very very light drama; you dont even need to care about the melancholic thingy since there's nothing like that here. Yeon Woo Jin as Gong Ki Tae is a plastic surgeon who wishes to stay single and alone but his mom is the completely opposite; she wants him to get married that she always set a blind date for him. Han Groo is Joo jang Mi, a carefree girl who loves somebody wholeheartedly and desires to get married quickly. Problem starts when her boyfriend is Ki Tae's bestfriend. She proposed to him and that puts him in a shock because he is a player tipe and still hasnt thought about making a commitment. He asks Ki Tae to help him and push Jang Mi away; accidentally Ki Tae's mom saw them together and thought she was his girlfriend. Ki Tae then asked Jang Mi to be his fake girlfriend so that he didnt need to attend all blind dates set by his mom. This goes deeper as they lie and lie again. I like how this drama stays true to itself from the beginning till the end; not being a draggy one. Browsed for the reviews, I saw everybody was totally satisfied with this drama for being cute. Han Groo did a very good job in portraying Joo Jang Mi and she's really funny. Yeon Woo Jin completely steals my attention; this is his first leading role and he nails it. He is cool enough to be a plastic surgeon although sometimes I just hate his facial expression. The storyline goes with the flow and stays steady throughout the drama which gives another plus point for it. The loveline progression is a bit late; they confirmed their feelings toward each other in ep 13 or 14 but then everything is in fast pace and I love it. Their chemistry is especially great and lovable, makes the drama even funnier. The only thing I hate is both second leads, Jung Jin Woon and Han Sunhwa. Im not being judgemental just because they are idol turned actors, but they are totally bland. Jinwoon's smile is so annoying; everytime he smiles, he looks like a pervert. Sunhwa is even worse; her facial expression stays flat most of the time and I still dont understand how she can be nominated for an award through her character in this drama. Instead of this, I would like to see Yeon Woo Jin and Han Groo in leading roles again because they deserve another chance for it. Manse!

Rate: 8/10

Wealthy plastic surgeon Gong Ki-tae has no interest in getting married; marriage is all shop girl Joo Jang-mi dreams about. In an effort to get his parents off his back about the constant string of blind dates and marriage prospects, Ki-tae purposely brings Jang-mi home to meet his parents posing as his girlfriend, certain that they'll never approve of her. (wiki)

they did lots of cute selfies in this drama xD

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