October 20, 2014

Movie review: 那些年,我們一起追的女孩 (You Are The Apple Of My Eye)

Yes just finished watching another movie again. if you are wondering how I can watch drama and movie at the same time, no I didnt watch the drama at once but I follow each episode so I only watch an episode per week. This movie, literally translated as " Those years, the girl we chased together", is a big hit Taiwanese romance movie. Released in 2011, I've heard it from my friends since a few years ago but I wasn't interested in it. Now just because of some random interest I watch it and I regret why I didnt watch it earlier. Starring Kai Ko as Ko Ching Teng and Michelle Chen as Shen Chia Yi, YATAOME tells about a pure and light love story between two people in high school. Chia Yi is the most clever student in her high school in contrast to Ching Teng who is a troublemaker and lazy ass in studying. He keeps badmouthing about clever student and confuses why they are always studying. He and Chia Yi have been classmates since junior high school yet they didnt like each other. One day she forgot to bring her book but he lent her his book and instead took the punishment. She was touched and wanted to thank him; she decided to teach him even though he rejected at first but later on it became their habits. Through some time, their feeling develop towards each other. They didnt dare to know each other feelings and that's the bomb. They still keep in contact after entering the university in different city but then something happened and that makes them started to fall apart. Dont expect too much about this movie; this is a real story based on the semi-autobiographical novel of the same name by Taiwanese author Giddens Ko. It is made as real as possible and that's what makes me love this movie more. I never thought Kai Ko was this good since this was his debut movie and he was only 20 at that time. This movie shot him to stardom; he was an A-list actor before the drug scandal back in August happened. Luckily he was not jailed and he decided to go on rehabilitation by himself. Im happy and sad at the same time for him because he is still so young to have had a scandal in his early acting journey but it's better he was saved early. As for Michelle Chen, I never watch her movies or dramas before but she was great in this movie. She successfully portrayed the soft, kindhearted, and strong Shen Chia Yi. I even didnt noticed that she and Kai have 8 years gap! YATAOME worth all the awards and fame they've got. It tells what most of us have seen in the reality that sometimes when people have feeling towards each other, they just dont dare to confess and that can makes them lose the chance forever. Even though my preference is always a happy ending doesnt mean a sad ending can make a good story. To be honest I seldom watch a sad ending drama/movie but when I watch one, it should be a good one that I dont feel my time was wasted lol

Rate: 9/10

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