September 27, 2014


Life's been good lately even though block exam is coming next week. The material is still abstract in my brain but Im trying to absorb as much as possible. I also realise lately I didnt blog that often anymore. Writing has become my passion and blogging is one of my way to explore more of it. Currently not following any drama, I think dramas in this period are not my style hence I just read the recaps from the blogs I usually follow. JYJ Asia Tour has ended a few days ago and the last stop was Bangkok. Im happy because I had the chance to meet them and see them singing live before they enter military service next year. Still I have never met Homin and that is one of my resolution as well. But rumors surfacing in some sns saying they will have an Asia tour next year. Actually I want to go to one of their 5 dome tours in Japan; too bad it is in the middle of the academic year. If they are really planning for an Asia Tour, Im going to come this time. Fingercrossed! xx

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