September 14, 2014

Movie review: 君に届け (Kimi ni todoke)

Maybe this is the second or third Jmovies I've watched because I never follow updates about the latest one. I was bored and randomly found this one in the popular movie list. Translated as From Me To You, this one is also an adaptation of the same name manga. If you've ever watched Jmovies or doramas, you will probably know that their style is more into teaching morals not only lovey dovey scene. Even their romance movies are not as lovable as Koreans but still I like their style. The same goes to this one. It's a romance movie but I didnt put my expectation as high as I watch Korean one. The story tells about a girl named Sawako Kuronuma, an honest and kind girl who have no friends. Her friends called her "Sadako" because of her similar appearance to the ghost in movie "The Ring". Everybody is afraid of her; there's a rumor said that when somebody looks into her eyes, they will get cursed. I feel pity for her at first, but her appearance is somehow scary with long hair and always looking down. Her world starts to change when a popular boy in the school, Shota Kazehaya, befriends with her. Mostly the movie tells about how she changes her personality from an introvert to the bright one. The self changing journey is really amazing because we all know it's not easy. I cry a few times when watching it especially when her friends defend her while she was being attacked by other girls inside the toilet. I cant say much about this drama; it's good to be one of your reference if you like heartwarming movie.

Rate: 7.5/10


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