August 21, 2014

Park Yoochun. Dreams come true.

Hello peeps! This month has been a great one for me especially last Saturday because it was the day when my dreams finally came true. As you might have known, I've like TVXQ for years and even though they have splitted now, I still support five of them. So last Saturday I finally got to watch JYJ singing live !! I cant describe how happy I was when my father allowed me to go and on the D-day I was so so so excited. I also happened to listen to them singing during rehearsal since the venue was beside the female toilet and lots of the fans were standing there too. My bias from 7 years ago was Yoochun and has always been him ever since. The concert itself was awesome; even if I wasnt their fans I'd say the same things. Seeing them singing live was as good as listening to their recording songs. The set list was almost the same as the one they sang in Seoul concert, though one or two songs were missed out. I was really freak out when they came out to the stage that I lost my voice the next day. 16 August 2014 will always be my most memorable day ever.
PS: excuse the blur pics. I took those using my phone cam.

My bias !!!

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