August 04, 2014

Movie Review: 愛情無全順 (Campus Confidential)

the first post in August dedicated to this movie I watched in a long flight on my vacation. I've been searching for this a long time ago and good to know that they had this movie in flight. The title in Mandarin is "Ai Qing Wu Quan Shun" which is literally translated as "Romance Wu Quan Shun". The leading man is Chen Bo Lin who is one of my favorite taiwanese actors and starring as his lover is Ivy Chen. These two Chen have worked together several times before so Im looking forward to watch this. Story starts with Chen Bo Lin as Wu Quan Shun, a nerd in campus who is very genius; he can provide unlimited internet quota for the game freak in campus, hack some private internet websites, etc. Ivy as Liang Xiao Qi is the it-girl in campus that every man wants and every woman envies. She really hates the nerds. Her bestfriend is also another it-girl who just happened to fall in love with another nerd. She tries to convince her that it's wrong and makes her embarrassed but her friend says even though her bf is a nerd, he is kind and loves her sincerely. One day they accidentally fall together to a lake in their campus (I forgot the name) which is a legendary lake. People said if a man and woman fall together into the lake when it suddenly dried, they will be a couple forever. At first she didnt want to believe the story but then she searchs for the news happened in the past with the help of her new roommate. She meets with couples who have the same situation as her. At that time, she also starts to be friend with Quan Shun since he helped and protected her when she was being dumped by her bf. As time flies, she realises that actually the nerds arent that bad as what she thought before. Find a way to break the curse, she goes to China to find the ancient things which was said to be the curse breaker. There's a twist close to the ending which surprise me because it's something I've never thought before. Initially I thought this would be like other romance movies I've ever watched since you already knew mostly romance genre has the same formula. As usual Chen Bo Lin never disappoint me and he did reach my expectation. He is perfectly matched in this movie; he succeeded in portraying a nerd which is totally nerdy. As for Ivy Chen, I never watched any of her works and in this movie she's just a soso for me. I like this movie even I cant say this is one of the best I've ever watched. Put this on your list if you like romance movie.

Rate: 7.5/10

This is how different he looks.
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  1. Do u know what song in the end of this film ? When the girl wearing white shirt and waiting for the boy in the lake of campus ? Thanks

    1. Hi sorry I just saw the comment! I dont know if you still need this info; I've checked everywhere and even used the chinese title of the movie but I cant find the ost Im sorry.