July 23, 2014

Drama review: 杉杉來了 (Boss & Me)

(alert: this is going to be a long one lol)

Another great cdrama! I found this drama when it was about to premiere 2 weeks ago; I thought it will be 2-3months till the last episode. I didnt know that cdrama usually aired their drama 3 episodes per day so it has finished not long ago. Because of its 33 episodes, I did a marathon and managed to finish it in 4 days! This one is so far my best cdrama since in the past I admitted it was Sheng Xia Wan Qing Tian. If the title is literally translated, it will mean "Shan Shan Has Come". It starred Hans Zhang as Feng Teng and Zhao Li Ying as Xue Shan Shan. The story tells about Xue Shan Shan (XSS) who comes from a small city working in Feng Teng's (FT) big company in Shanghai. In this case, he is the white-horse prince; he has the look, brain, wealth, everything. XSS lives her life happily and positively. Her blood is AB Rh (-) which is rare and at that time FT's sister Feng Yue (FY)who has the same blood group with her needs blood transfer at the moment because she has just given birth. This is what connects them. To thank her, FY makes her bento (idk how to explain that; it's something similar) and that makes her colleagues jealous since she's just an ordinary worker in the company. Later because she cant stand the look everybody gives her when she ate the bento, she went to a place where nobody can see her but apparently it was in front of FT's office. She cant see him because they are separated by a glass covered with gorden. XSS likes eating so much and she has a big appetite; everyday she came to that place and FT feels like there's somebody accompany him eating without realising it has become his habit to have her accompanied him.The story will then tell about how they manage to start the relationship despite the big difference between them. I really like this drama either its casts or storyline. The main leads are XSS and FT but FY and her husband and also Yuan Li Shu and Zheng Qi did amazed me. FY is the cupid in this relationship. Li Shu is FY's best friend and her crush was FT since 12 years ago. Zheng Qi is FT's best friend since college and he helps him in the company by becoming his righthand man. She grew up together with FT and Zheng Qi not realising it was Zheng Qi who loved her so much. The problem in this story mainly about XSS' inferiority complex being together with FT. Actually FT is a lonely guy hence when XSS comes, her bright personality brigthens his days. Maybe some of you familiar with Hans Zhang; he acted in Meteor Garden chinese version. Hans and Zhao Li Ying also make a great couple with great chemistry. I always like a character which is cold and clever like FT and Hans really rocks it. The best part of this drama is they didnt do voice dubbing yeay !!! As you already knew, most cdramas are being dubbed because their pronounciation is quite difficult to understand. Too bad I havent found the one with English sub so if you want to watch this series, it's recommended that you understand Mandarin well. Other reasons why I love this drama are because there's no a totally antagonist type who sometimes pissed me off and it's also focused in XSS's eating habit. The fashion is also good especially FT's long coat !! This drama is my highly recommended one (as usual) and provides lots of eyecandy lol One of my best cdrama list ^~^

Rate: 9.5/10
Link to watch the drama: CLICK HERE

eating again lol

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