June 28, 2014

Feeling blue.

Today is indeed my unlucky day. Earlier I was feeling blue because of listening to TVXQ old songs in my car and it was just painful to remember that they ended up like this. I think it's just not worth for them to suffer like this after all those years they've spent to be succeeded. Yesterday accidentally I found a blog which wrote about TVXQ lawsuit and there were things I didnt know before. Im not really following about the lawsuit. I just want both parts to be happy. It's written " If at that time people didnt support them after they made the lawsuit, they would still be together now like what has happened to KARA." I never think about this before but this statement really opened my eyes. What if at that time nobody supported them? They will have settled the problems with SM and now TVXQ will still be 5 like forever. It really hits me hard. After having that thought, something bad happened to me and yeah it did made me feels better. It's as painful as before to listen to their songs anymore. I just hope that they can reunite again one day like what G.O.D is doing now. Waiting is tiring, but I've waited for 5 years so it's fine for me to wait for another year as long as I can see five of them in one stage again.

Always keep the faith.

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