June 28, 2014

Feeling blue.

Today is indeed my unlucky day. Earlier I was feeling blue because of listening to TVXQ old songs in my car and it was just painful to remember that they ended up like this. I think it's just not worth for them to suffer like this after all those years they've spent to be succeeded. Yesterday accidentally I found a blog which wrote about TVXQ lawsuit and there were things I didnt know before. Im not really following about the lawsuit. I just want both parts to be happy. It's written " If at that time people didnt support them after they made the lawsuit, they would still be together now like what has happened to KARA." I never think about this before but this statement really opened my eyes. What if at that time nobody supported them? They will have settled the problems with SM and now TVXQ will still be 5 like forever. It really hits me hard. After having that thought, something bad happened to me and yeah it did made me feels better. It's as painful as before to listen to their songs anymore. I just hope that they can reunite again one day like what G.O.D is doing now. Waiting is tiring, but I've waited for 5 years so it's fine for me to wait for another year as long as I can see five of them in one stage again.

Always keep the faith.

June 25, 2014

Throwback TVXQ.

Yesterday I rewatched my TVXQ dvd collections; this time they were 4th Live Tour ~The Secret Code Final in Tokyo Dome~ and 2nd Live Tour ~Five In The Black~ in Nippon Buddokan. Both are my favorites since the 2nd Live Tour was my first concert dvd and the 4th Live Tour in Tokyo Dome was the peak of Tohoshinki's Japanese carreer. I always like their songs as five even until now and I think they're still the best singers I've ever heard. Noted that in this case TVXQ means Xiah, Micky, Hero, Max, U-know. If you never listen to their songs before, you should try. Since I watched both concerts continuously, I directly compared both of them. At FITB concert which was held in 2007, they still looked so young and the venue wasnt as huge as Tokyo Dome. The things were simple but it was memorable. The Tokyo Dome concert was held in 2009 after the 3rd Asia Tour Mirotic. As everybody had known, Tokyo Dome is a place where not every singer can perform there; it should be the one who is very famous/popular. After 4 years struggling they finally made it to Tokyo Dome as it was their dream when they first arrived in Japan, making TVXQ the first Korean group to perform at the venue. I can feel their hardwork while watching the concerts; they started to perform in front of hundred people in the early of their carreer in Japan and now it was thousand people in the concert. Fans were chanting crazily. They become more mature but their voices are still the same as few years back; still the best. It portrays how popular TVXQ is as they said it was difficult to enter the Japanese music industry but they made it. Their acapella is the best that no one can beat them down. I still like them till now, not as two or three but as five. Im one of those fans who are still keeping the faith. Always keep the faith.
Stand By U, Love In The Ice, Lovin' You, Bolero, "O" Jung.Ban.Hap, Ashita wa Kuru Kara, Forever Love, Purple Line, Hug, Rising Sun, Somebody To Love, etc (it's still so many)

"My Hero My Max My Uknow My Xiah and Micky We’re the one, eternally~"

June 19, 2014

Drama review: Witch's Romance

A romcom after a melodrama. I did watched Angel Eyes first but I havent finished it so I cant make the review yet. This time I moved to a romcom called Witch's Romance starring Uhm Jung Hwa and Park Seo Joon. As you know, this drama is an adaptation from 2009's taiwanese drama My Queen starring Ethan Ruan and Cheryl Yang which was a big hit. I didnt watch the taiwanese version so I cant compare. The story starts with Uhm Jung Hwa as Ban Ji Yeon, a 39 yo reporter who is really ambitious and competitive in every aspect. She is the team leader in Trouble Maker Magazine but she acts cold to her colleagues. Because of her bad behavior, her colleagues called her a witch. 6 years ago her fiance suddenly disappeared in their wedding day and didnt give any news to her. Now her mom persuade her to marry as soon as possible because she will age soon. In the other side, PSJ starred as Yoon Dong Ha, a part time worker living next door to Ji Yeon. They fought since the first time they met and because of an accident, he ended up working as Ji Yeon's assistant for 3 months. Most of her colleagues hate her but Dong Ha can see different side of her. The conflict came when suddenly Ji Yeon's fiance appeared at the time Dong Ha realised he has fallen for Ji Yeon. The main point of this drama is age difference between Ji Yeon and Dong Ha. In the story, Ji Yeon is 39 while Dong Ha is only 25. Of course you guys know how society acts toward people with such relationship. I also was surprised at first because they made the gap so big but they succeeded. It's so light and entertaining which is totally my cup of tea. My only hatred is only her fiance; he's a total jerk with no manner that no women would want him. I feel like punching him whenever I saw him appeared on screen. I always like UJH since the very first time I watched her acting. She's one of those singers who has the ability to act. As for PSJ, I think he is still a new actor because his work is still a few but he did a great job in this drama. The chemistry between them is just awesome that you can forget their age difference. I really recommend this one for you who loved romcom and if you had ever watched UJH's acting before, you know she's always able to rock it.

Ban Ji-yeon is a 39-year-old investigative news reporter at Trouble Maker. Her job is the most important thing in Ji-yeon's life, and she's so passionate about it that colleagues call her a "witch" behind her back. Ji-yeon focuses all her energy on work because she stopped believing in love after her last boyfriend, 41-year-old war photographer Noh Shi-hoon disappeared prior to their wedding day. Yoon Dong-ha is a 25-year-old guy who runs a small errand center with his friend. Their store will do pretty much anything for a customer, including dressing as Santa Claus, or providing security for an idol star. Dong-ha seems happy-go-lucky, but he hides a secret sorrow, having lost his girlfriend to a fatal heart problem. Since her death, he's lost all his ambition and drive, with his career plans sidelined. Sparks fly when Ji-yeon and Dong-ha meet, and despite the age difference, they find a lot in common with each other, including their scarred hearts. (wiki)

June 11, 2014


Life's been so good lately; my exam has finished a few days ago and yes Im on my holiday. I cut my hair short again because I just cant stand the hot weather in my hometown. I need a short getaway with my friends since I havent met them for quite sometime. Actually this term I've made a list of what Im going to do, hope that I can achieve all of those. This is a selfie I took during my trip with mom and sis to Solo (still with my long hair). Ciao!