May 29, 2014

Yo school life

I really felt my second year flew really fast; this week will be my last academic week in this year and next week I'll have my exam. I learnt more in this year even though I dont think Im getting more diligent. I always try to make a new resolution every year but it's just half-achieved. Boo yeah. I hope in the 3rd year I'll be more active and diligent and do more activities despite academic things. Fingercrossed xx

May 26, 2014

Drama x Thomas Cup 2014

So currently Im hooked into new taiwanese drama called "Pleasantly Surprised" or "喜歡.一個人" starring Puff Guo and Liu Yi Hao. Im also surprised why it is named so since the literal translation is to like one person. Dont you think it's better for the title? Puff has been one of my favorite actress since she starred in Just You last year and she did a great job with Aaron Yan. The only thing I hate about following a taiwanese drama is that they only air one episode each week and that means if they have 20 episodes, I've to follow it for 5 months. Such a pain in the ass. Angel Eyes is my cup of tea in the moment and luckily it will end in a month which means I dont need to divide my attention to both dramas. I havent set up my next drama on the list but maybe it'll be the one starring Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi since they are my favorite OTP from Time Between Dog And Wolf a few years back (I forgot the title). Another hot news for me is Japan won Thomas Cup 2014. It is the first in the history and Im glad they won it. Their opponent was Malaysia and the match was a nervewrecking one; they did it until match 5 and it was rubber set with Takuma Ueda finally won against Daren Liew 21-12 18-21 21-17. Surprisingly China's Thomas team was defeated 3-0 by Japan and everybody was shocked; China is the 9x straight winner. Japan really deserves the winning, giving us a high quality match. Congrats!

Newest crush: Kento Momota, 19yo, World Junior Championship Winner 2012, defeated Du Peng Yu in SF and Chong Wei Feng in F TUC 2014