April 29, 2014

Random thought.

Sometimes I think why am I keep writing in this blog? Just a random thought though. I like writing a lot; maybe not a novice writer but still I like it. Looks like this blog has survived for 3 years and I hope I can keep writing in this blog. I write everything I want; about recaps and my daily things. I start writing recaps since 2 years ago and Im still doing it although it's not as productive as I used to be. For now, I should select which drama is the most attractive one to me and for the rest, I'll just be reading the recaps from other blog. Few years back I was a hardcore kpop fan; I liked dramas too but not as much as I like kpop. But as time flies, I think kpop isnt as good as it was when TVXQ was still the best and the only song I thought could beat TVXQ's songs were Big Bang's Haru Haru. Not realising about it, I continue updating about dramas but my love for kpop has deteriorated. I hope I can keep doing my hobbies since this is the only thing that can make me forget about how hectic my study is. No, not that hectic actually but sometimes people do get bored of their daily routines right?

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